Sunday, 30 December 2007

its inherited.

“Abang got 7A’s and 1B-BM. Family trait.” – Mom’s sms, 27th Dec 2007.

Why ar. I don’t really get it. BOTH of my brothers got a B for their BM! PMR ke UPSR ke.. Why B?? Of all the subjects, you guys scored a B for BM?? Didn’t you guys take tuition for BM??? I thought you’re a Malay!! Isk..

Is it because of the lack of exposure towards bahasa baku? Is it because we don’t watch malay tv shows/movies or we don’t even listen to malay songs? Is it because we’re too exposed to English language?? Is it wrong????

Something’s not right. The moment when I heard my dad’s ATTEMPT to give a malay speech, I knew that my MALAY family can’t speak bahasa baku! As in formal malay language. It’s an inherited disease!! You should listen to my dad’s half-way-bahasa-baku speech last year. He got fed up half way, then he changed to speak in English where he finds it EASIER?? Come to think of it. It’s hard to speak in the formal malay language. SERIOUSLY! No kidding! Try for one whole day to speak bahasa baku. You’ll find it exhausting!

Mengapakah kamu tidak memakan lauk ayam itu? Bukankah masakan saya sangat lazat?”

“Pakcik teksi itu menganggu saya ketika saya berada di dalam teksinya! Dia sangat kurang ajar.”

“Saya telah mengambil buku itu dari perpustakaan dan terlupa untuk memulangkannya. Habislah saya”

“Saya berasa sangat malas untuk ke kuliah pada hari ini. Mengapakah..”

Take that! Told you it’s exhausting. I bet one of those sentences is incorrect, somewhere. Ughh..

Monday, 24 December 2007

this is the time of the semester when..

  1. i start having headaches
  2. flu is my best friend (ughh..)
  3. books are my companion (exam approaching.......)
  4. Food seems to pop in my mind more often than usual (alwayz labar)
  5. Gluteus maximus glued on the chair (mengadap labtob & buku je~)
  6. 3 layers of baju are keeping me warm and the heater is on 24-7 (i wonder how will the electric bill turn out next month....)
  7. i'm TRYING to resist House (can't seem to..)
  8. i miss home.


nak char koay teow.isk~

Friday, 21 December 2007

My sweet 19

Molten Chocolate Cake, small yet MOUTH-WATERING birthday cake of mine~

It was quite a blast actually. exhausting yet satisfied with everything. thankful too of course : )
Chili's was where i choose to celebrate my 19th birthday. AWESOME.

To Ja, Yah & Wadat. THANKS FOR THE 'matang'+'cun' HANDBAG!!!! isk. terharu gile kot!!

and thanks to Fariza, Yani & Kuya too~~~ (^^,)

And not forgetting to every single person who wished me a happy birthday!! it means that i'm not a loner & i have tonnes of cool friends who cares about me!! i love you guys! isk~

So, the top 10 people that wished me first are - Daddy! Nad! Abang! Maklong! Mazzy! Sandra! Liyana! Khansa! Kak Ain! n finally Yah! CONGRATS!
If you wanna know what's your ranking, you can just ask me ok!~

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Salam Perantauan

"Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha from ALL of Us"

Mansoura-Manchester Medical Programme
Faculty of Medicine
Mansoura University, EGYPT
10 Zulhiijah 1428

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Winter oh winter

As winter approaches, bad habits & temptations come along too.

A decrease in the temperature means the body is in need of more heat, where the stomach tends to get hungry pretty quickly (still making up theories why this usually happens) and this is commonly associated with the need of more and more hot chocolate & Nescafe~. And there seems to be snacks and junkies on my study table too. Who put it there!! Ughh.. distracting!! And undeniably tempting! Damn you junk food!! Stop seducing me!!

Must.prevent.obesity.diabetes.pulmonary embolism.DVT.erk…

And there’s one more thing about the winter. The bed feels comfortably cozier. Right??? and getting outta bed seems to be impossible!

Tido makan tido makan. Now you know where the 5kg came from eyh…

Hmm.. Should I buy another jacket? Or a sweater? Or a new scarf? Ok that’s the best part about winter. You get to wear winter clothes that make you look & you feel totally fabulous about yourself! Yay!’t really care, really.lalala~ $$$$$

Hurm..Somehow that reminds me of my family. I wonder what they’re doing right now. Having fun eyh guys. After you replaced me with Faris!! You guys better buy me lotsa gifts from Gold Coast!!!! Or else there will be terrible consequences!!! Pissed. Annoyingly disgusted. Envy overpowering. Ughh..

Owh. Actually the internet was just a damn false hope. It was there for 4 damn days. Then it’s gone. GONE!!! Til now!! And I hope the DSL that baba promised is gonna be connected soon!!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

a flash back.

“OK put on the gloves..”

“both hands?”

“nahh..just one side.ok now put your fingers like this”

“oh no..” (monologue)

This is considered as one of my cool memories, in the oh-so-awesomeness OPERATION THEATRE with Dr Quah, the O&G surgeon. Yea most of you all know I spend a lotta time in the OT during my previous summer break. Thanks to my daddy! Heee~

After being asked to put on the latex gloves, blurring in the sight of watching an old lady lying unconscious in the middle of the OT (unconscious = in deep sleep after being given general anesthesia by the oh-so-handsome daddy), we were actually in for a surprise (we = lucky you Fikri that you’re my friend eyh). Ok I don’t consider it as a surprise, but lucky-friend on the other hand was definitely damn excited about it! When I saw my dad pulling out a toothpaste-like-thingy out of the cabinet, asking us to stick out our index and middle fingers and putting a gel-like substance on ‘em, I knew that something OMG-don’t-make-me-do-this is gonna happen!

“put your fingers in there”


There? Where else!!!! Yes in there and don’t make me say it here! Ok as a future-professional doctor, I should be positive about this. Even though I don’t prefer doing THAT for the rest of my life. Look on the bright side! I have experience and at least I know what I’m gonna be facing soon. And thank goodness she’s unconscious!!

She had cervical cancer and so as a medical student, we were asked to examine her cervix. Watching my eagered friend doing it, it’s something like this… “OMG I can’t believe I’m seeing this!! Please don’t make me do that too, dad!! please!!” It was just jaw-dropping! I was speechless and I was totally and definitely terrified! Listening to what Dr Quah said, like “can you feel it? It’s like a ring and rough (because of the cancer)”, I felt like running away from there! And I was more concentrating on the old lady and hoping that she won’t wake up yet!

“OK kaklong, your turn..”

“haa??? Crap.”

The sight of watching him doing it, made me gulp and hesitate a couple o’times. But just a simple sentence made me wanna do this “you don’t get to experience this in Egypt, Miriam!” Plus she’s anesthetized and I’m doing this to learn! With a lotta courage and the hunger for wisdom, I did it. At the same time I felt sorry and kinda guilty to the patient. Isk. But its ok. Niat baik takpe.. and yes I felt the ring-shaped roughness.

The thought of having cervical cancer and losing your reproductive system, is just horrible. Hope that the cancer was not malignant. But Thank God the old lady is 62 years old. Meaning she has grandchildren already la!

That was my first encounter with cancerous cells, with just a thin latex glove separating us in between.

Undeniably cool.

Monday, 3 December 2007

"Forget Me Not"

by Isabel Wolff

Last weekend I was ‘lucky’ enough to be one of the chosen ones to catch a damn flu! Yay! And so, my housemates forced me to stay put & get alotta rest so I just pulled up my blanket and just stare at the ceiling. then I saw a flash of light!! Ok ok I’m exaggerating. I didn’t see any flash of light. Ughh.. whatever. I just had a flashback memory thingy you know. And I recalled that I did buy a book in Changi Airport with the intention of reading it while waiting for Yah for 3 hours. But when I read the first 6 pages, I just stopped.

It was a complete mistake judging the whole book just by reading the first few pages. I should have continued on. And surprisingly, the book is AWESOME. Well not awesome, I can’t put it that way cuz I didn’t really like the ending. But the whole entire plot and events and the way the author organized the whole story, I think it’s brilliant. And no kidding, I did kinda laugh out loud while reading it. Cuz there were funny parts of course! How can you not read about a single mom’s life that has a child that can speak Spanish at the age of 2 (she wasn’t even 2 yet!). OMG seriously I find it hilarious everytime she tried to talk to her daughter and the little girl replied in Spanish. How adorable is that!

I’m not gonna give anymore details on the book.cuba try dulu” –just like a typical malay kan..?

Saturday, 1 December 2007

alhamdulillah (^^,)

i'm back!!! there are absolutely no words that can actually fit to express this feeling!!

internet's back! and i hope it will be back permanently!! please don't disappoint me again. i'd go crazy!! isk. and obviously proven that i went berzerk during those 2 weeks of uncivilisedness! and kinda sorry to Yah and Ja who had to be the victim of my uncontrolable emotional mind..~ erk.

luck is definitely on my side now. everything's turning out as i wanted it to be.. i can chat with my friends uninterrupted now!! those people who miss me.. like cakubu.. and iman and the others that always wonder what my status would be this time.. haha! i know you guys miss reading my ever-changing status! muahahaha.

i'm just too jolly!! lalalala~ maybe because it's the beginning of December? December eyh.. an interesting month.. i wonder why... lalalala~

haaaa... this is how happy i am right now! ughh.. thats not me! that the infamous CAKUBU! she seems OMG-GEMBIRA-NYA-AKU!!! you should ask her yourself why. i'm just trying to find something similar to my over-joyness. and this is,you might say, an appropriate example.


Last night, the 3 of us, with the help of Kak Nut & Kak Wadat, settled down and TALKED. As in, pour our deep deep hearts out. Honestly, i felt like the bricks on my chest have been lifted and thrown away. ALL have been out. Well i think i did.

We let out the repository of so much emotions and all the dissatisfactory we felt towards each other. Yes there were crumpling faces & nail-biting moments to where you reach a point, that you don’t have the guts to pour it out. But when you have a third party, or PARTIES, it makes it alot easier and the expressing of those kept thoughts are much better poured out.

I thank the both of them alot for sharing all their experiences and wisdoms to the 3 of us, at the same time lending a hand or two in helping us solve our misunderstanding and truly grateful for their presence.

Then i realized that, locking your true feelings, meaning things that you feel towards the ones you love, including hatred, disgust or even envy, is definitely proven to be unhealthy. Let it out in a mannered way. Thats what i learned. Give a chance for them to explain their reasons for what they’ve chosen to do. eventhough sometimes you feel you are absolutely right. But you’ll never know that you might consider changing your perception towards their idea.


They live under one roof.

Ja.Yah. i will always love you guys no matter what.