Friday, 30 October 2009

i found my CABG pics! enjoy~~

these pictures were taken during Ja+Wadat's visit last july~

ni la cara2 nak buat CABG. CABG means coronary artery bypass grafting. when a patient is suffering from coronary artery stenosis or thrombosed coronary artery, the surgeon will have to do a graft (take out a vein and then replace the thrombosed artery with it.. macam buang yang rosak, and just buat laluan yang baru for the blood to flow)
1st buat central venous line to measure the central venous pressure.

and then open up the chest.. at the same time, the nurse incharged will do a phlebectomy. vein chosen was saphenous vein (at the kaki~) so they'll use this vein to do the graft.

after this, the heart will be stopped. cuz the heart is beating and its kinda hard to do the procedure with all the movement. therefore they connect the heart to the heart lung machine.

the arrow is showing the graft (the saphenous vein)

and the blue arrow is showing the artery yang stenosed/thrombosed being sutured to the graft.
tada! habis tu je. after that the surgeon disconnects the heart from the heart lung machine, start the heart back again, and suture everything up. kholas ba'aaa~

Friday, 23 October 2009

i'm back! Manchester? superrbbb

Mayo Building (like a teaching building+admin la for Salford Royal Hosp..well kinda)

this is where the staff and students hang out during lunch ~

library!! this only a part of it. not the whole thing obviously. totally cozy!

the plaza! haha~ not kidding. this part is actually inside the hospital. behind there you can see Body Shop.. body shop ok!! cool!! and there's even a hairdresser shop to0~

this is during my clinical skill. neat ha? hahaha~ syok sorang2.

this is the model~ bluuuud everywhere (fake blood la =p)

one of the skill labs~

Mr. Duggie! i think thats how u spell his name :-s he costs GBP 35,000!! complete with pulse, chest movement, pupil can constrict ok! and etc. and he can speak to0! (with the help of the computers of course..haha!) you can even put laryngoscope, endotracheal tube, and even do tracheostomy on him! ngeeee. and even shock him! SERIOUS. haha

well actually its been a week since i got back from Manchester.
how was Manchester? AWESOME!
yea it sucks that i didnt even have the time to see the oh-so-famous Trafford stadium.. (damn the stupid anti muslim and anti asian strike!!!! was stuck and the chaperon wont let us go out on that freaking day, kalau tak i could have gone to the stupid stadium!!!!)
the people over there are just SUPER NICE ok~~~~~~~~~~ super friendly super baik!!
i'm not even afraid to go shopping alone in the city centre cuz i know i'm safe there =D

anyways, enough about the shopping and all.
so, the 6 of us, (Me, farida+ahmed amer+mahmoud+sherif the egyptians and fatma the saudian) were separated into 3 groups.
farida and amer - MRI hosp
mahmoud and fatma - withenshaw hosp
me and sherif - salford royal hosp
i tell u ar~ my hosp is totally cool! they got tempat gunting rambut la! kedai runcit la! tempat makan yang best la! kedai baju la! and the best part is.. they got kedai BODY SHOP ok!!!! how cool is that! dah la murah kot body shop kat sane! wuhu!
and shockingly i found a musolla (surau).. and even a place for ablution!!! (wudhu) i dont even have to worry about my prayers! sangat convenient ok!
we get to join their PBL, lectures, skill lab, bedside teaching, semua la!! really nice! =D
its nice to get to explore and see how these geniuses study there in Manchester~
the best part for me was definitely the skill labs~ the only thing about practising ur skills there was that u cant do it on a real patient. unlike in egypt, u can do it on real patient but not everybody gets to do it. so i got pretty excited when the nurse gave us private tutoring in the skill labs.. wuhu!

overall i'm VERY satisfied with the attachment in Salford Royal.. those 2 weeks were really full of stuff that i've never experienced before and i'm really thankful to Allah (mesti la no.1), my parents and of course our doctors and Manchester Univ too! =)

ma..daddy..nak sambung belajar sane ble? miahahaha

Friday, 2 October 2009

bye Mansoura~

"you can do it miriam!!"

i will be leaving Mansoura for two weeks to join Manchester United FC..
to train as a football player!!!
yes some people might think im not fit for this job, but anything is possible right! if u just belieeeeeeeeeeeeve in yourself B-)

ok fine. just kidding ~~
tapi betul la aku nak gi MU, esok kot! omg nervous giler. for what? DARMAWISATA (thanx muiz sebab ajar kaklong perkataan cool ni!) cari dalam kamus kalau nak tau maksud perkataan ni~ alhamdulillah dapat this once in a lifetime opportunity =)
i'll be gone for 2 weeks. yer memang kena catch up sendiri dengan class yang we'll miss in Mansoura. (dead!!!)
i dunno whether i get to see the faculty of meds in MU or not, would really love to~ all i know is i'll be in Salford Royal Hospital... doing what also i donno @_@
harap2 i wont bring shame to my country = (
must study and not look stupid!!!

if you are nice to me, i will bring back souvenirs for you.

p/s: blizzz bray for me~