Sunday, 27 December 2009

a week without internet

finally i'm connected back to the cyberworld!
internet itu a must.
1. korea
2. korea
3. nak upload lectures
4. nak cari journals on my ssc a.k.a thesis
5. facebook

haha~ yer majority itu lalai belaka. sila jauhkan diri anda daripada perkara yang melalaikan.
exam 23rd, 25th and 27th Jan. 30th? fly to TURKEY AND JUMPA MY FAMILY =D=D=D=D=D=D

wish us all the best.

Monday, 7 December 2009

25 things on my to-do-list

note : this is a random post.

the most common word used in the list is "hutang"and 80% of them involves money.
haih~ this shows that the world revolves around $$$$$.
where should i start?
i would really love to start with "bake chocolate chip cookies" and teringin nak try buat cupcakes yang cute cute.

or should i start with the "kutip hutang voip"? +_+
yea i know i know~ prioritize...ughh

with the responsibility taken of my shoulder, this year, i'm planning to do lotsa stuff that i couldn't do last year~ i would like to save up some money but it seems that everytime i try do so, emergency situations come up which requires me to spend the money that i saved up *sigh*
i did think of starting the cheesecake business back, but Ja said "ko nak jual cheesecake lagi watpe? dah dpt DSLR~" haha~ it doesnt mean i have no reason to simpan duit..

owh i'm having my mid semester exam today. i can't sleep. so i'm blogging.
MCQ. Cardio and lung. pretty awesome! *sarcastic tone*
tolong doakan kami yer!
after the exam, i wanna go to cairo and watch new moon so badly! but looking at the 25 to-dos.. they're holding me back.


p/s: it's December! heee. *wink*

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Goodbye Unit Ekonomi = )

MTC is over! and i only have one thing to say..

"its been an HONOR to have worked for Unit Ekonomi"

eventho our target for untung bersih was 12,000 LE. but we only managed to get half of it. eh bukannya tak bersyukur. alhamdulillah~
like my mom said, "better than -ve"

i kinda feel half empty tho..
tadi ingat lagi pengerusi majlis cakap "ok para AJKT sesi 08/09 boleh duduk bersama para perwakilan" .. cam wow i cant believe dah letak jawatan.
rasa cam baru je haritu tengah cari2 AJK~ begging one by one. cari je anybody yang tak diambil oleh unit lain.
i'm gonna miss w0rking with my AJKs!
they're too awesome, nice, hardworking, extremely helpful, and i anggap them as my own sisters and brothers!

1st and foremost, thanks to Ubai of course~ name panjang memang panjang. Muhammad Abu Ubaidah Mustafa Kamal (kan?) the great leader of Unit Ekonomi. tahniah anda naik lagi sekali tahun ni! akak doakan Ubai jadi a better AJKT this year~ i seriously respect him because, he managed his time well. statistic shows that half of his batch failed to naik tahun. Despite of being EXTREMELY busy with Unit Ekonomi, he managed to pass his exam (semua subject ok~) thats why la hang naik lagi sekali tahun ni =D owh and i apologize for not being a better timbalan and not treating u nicely~ (sebab ubai dongseng~)

AJK-AJK ku yang lain~
Meen, Temah, Kak Nahdia, Kakcik, Muna, Sakinah, Wahidah, Adiba, Ain Nasir, Teemah hencem, Aiman, Fatimah.. i dont know how to thank u guys. the effort, the energy and time u put for this Unit.. hanya Allah yang tahu and hanya Dia yang dapat membalas jasa baik korang semua. owh and tahniah Kakcik kita jadi AJKT tahun ni yea! wohoo!
i still remember those moments when they all slept late at nite just to cook and prepare for the jualan gerai~ the commitment is just W0W~ I am so thankful that Allah chose you guys to work along side with me.

AJK-AJK ikhwah pun tak lupa juga =) thanx guys~ couldn't have achieved all of these without u guys ~

Well, thats the end of it.. and i wish all the best to the new AJKTs and hope that you guys will do much much better than we did. chulka eh!

Rabbana Ma3ana~

Monday, 23 November 2009

demam MTC

since MTC is just around the corner, lately its been hectic sebab everybody's trying to promote certain people (also known as melobi) and of course semua orang yang bakal dicalonkan tu mesti la taknak jadi AJKT PCM.
2.kena sacrifice ALOT of time
3.tak yakin boleh buat kerja
4.tak pandai bahagikan masa, so tak sempat nak study

cut the crap.
HONESTLY there's alot of benefit if u jadi AJKT ok~
1.Allah tolong kita kalau kita tolong orang (if niat baik)
2.more pahala for u if u do it with the right niat
3.ur brain will be more active thus your studying will be better will appreciate time more than before
5.there will be alotta people who will help u (u're not alone, dont worry!)
6.tak sempat nak study? tengok kak diah~ jayyid jiddan ok! and ramai ajkt lain yang dapat jayyid.

ada banyak lagi tapi malas nak taip semua cuz i know who read this understand what im trying to say.
after one year jadi AJKT, i hope that the next batch of AJKTs will do alot better than us and we all will definitely help and guide you guys no matter what.

la tahzan and dont be afraid of experiencing something new.
always remember that there's a reason why Allah chose you. it means you can do it! i even have proof.. sila rujuk ayat terakhir Al Baqarah~ "He will not burden a person beyond his scope"

so ni name calon2 yang aku nak calonkan esok~

Pengerusi : Pokwe a.k.a Safwan @ Kre a.k.a Ikram
untuk Timb Pengerusi SEMESTINYA : Syamilah!! (thn 4)

1. kak diah (sorry kak diah :p)
2. kiki syakila (thn 4)
3. kak naneen (nak tengok kak naneen beraksi)
4. husna aisyah sem 7 (tegas!)
5. fatimah zahrah mazlan sem 7 (temah ko buleh buat keja aku yakin!)
6. kauthar (kak pips yang suggests, i dont even kenal u. haha)
7. azimah zahari (kak pips n fariha recommend)
8. nurulhafiza azmi (x knal tapi fariha recommend)

boleh ke calonkan orang yg aku x knal? ble je~ lalala~

Monday, 16 November 2009


Excluding the mid sem exam this 8th of December, the next biggest event of this year is MTC~ which will be held on 4th of December.. dooms day for me @_@
yes some people dont even care about MTC. Dulu aku pun tak kisah sangat pasal MTC. i've never even attend one! to go and vote pernah la~ but i've never actually sit in the dewan and listen to what they talk about~ ok ada la sekali, itu pun yg cairo punya MAT.
last year punya MTC i didnt attend cuz 2 days later ada mid sem exam.. and i heard the MTC habis at nite (from pagi to malam, ridiculous!!!) so nasib baik tak pegi. lalala~
oh sorry.. MTC tu mesyuarat tahunan cawangan~ (untuk each cawangan : Mansurah, tanta, alex) MAT = Mesyuarat agung tahunan (ni untuk PERUBATAN induk)
MTC is the day when ALL the AJKTs will be questioned on what they've done for the past year.
and for me, i'll just have to worry about my part, which is Unit Ekonomi.
Unit Ekonomi buat kerja tak? promote tak? capai target tak? (ouch..)
hopefully takde orang attack aku..

doakan kami!!

owh and listen to this song! actually i fell for the song because of the MV.. best! saje mau kongsi dengan everybody~ enjoy!

Friday, 30 October 2009

i found my CABG pics! enjoy~~

these pictures were taken during Ja+Wadat's visit last july~

ni la cara2 nak buat CABG. CABG means coronary artery bypass grafting. when a patient is suffering from coronary artery stenosis or thrombosed coronary artery, the surgeon will have to do a graft (take out a vein and then replace the thrombosed artery with it.. macam buang yang rosak, and just buat laluan yang baru for the blood to flow)
1st buat central venous line to measure the central venous pressure.

and then open up the chest.. at the same time, the nurse incharged will do a phlebectomy. vein chosen was saphenous vein (at the kaki~) so they'll use this vein to do the graft.

after this, the heart will be stopped. cuz the heart is beating and its kinda hard to do the procedure with all the movement. therefore they connect the heart to the heart lung machine.

the arrow is showing the graft (the saphenous vein)

and the blue arrow is showing the artery yang stenosed/thrombosed being sutured to the graft.
tada! habis tu je. after that the surgeon disconnects the heart from the heart lung machine, start the heart back again, and suture everything up. kholas ba'aaa~

Friday, 23 October 2009

i'm back! Manchester? superrbbb

Mayo Building (like a teaching building+admin la for Salford Royal Hosp..well kinda)

this is where the staff and students hang out during lunch ~

library!! this only a part of it. not the whole thing obviously. totally cozy!

the plaza! haha~ not kidding. this part is actually inside the hospital. behind there you can see Body Shop.. body shop ok!! cool!! and there's even a hairdresser shop to0~

this is during my clinical skill. neat ha? hahaha~ syok sorang2.

this is the model~ bluuuud everywhere (fake blood la =p)

one of the skill labs~

Mr. Duggie! i think thats how u spell his name :-s he costs GBP 35,000!! complete with pulse, chest movement, pupil can constrict ok! and etc. and he can speak to0! (with the help of the computers of course..haha!) you can even put laryngoscope, endotracheal tube, and even do tracheostomy on him! ngeeee. and even shock him! SERIOUS. haha

well actually its been a week since i got back from Manchester.
how was Manchester? AWESOME!
yea it sucks that i didnt even have the time to see the oh-so-famous Trafford stadium.. (damn the stupid anti muslim and anti asian strike!!!! was stuck and the chaperon wont let us go out on that freaking day, kalau tak i could have gone to the stupid stadium!!!!)
the people over there are just SUPER NICE ok~~~~~~~~~~ super friendly super baik!!
i'm not even afraid to go shopping alone in the city centre cuz i know i'm safe there =D

anyways, enough about the shopping and all.
so, the 6 of us, (Me, farida+ahmed amer+mahmoud+sherif the egyptians and fatma the saudian) were separated into 3 groups.
farida and amer - MRI hosp
mahmoud and fatma - withenshaw hosp
me and sherif - salford royal hosp
i tell u ar~ my hosp is totally cool! they got tempat gunting rambut la! kedai runcit la! tempat makan yang best la! kedai baju la! and the best part is.. they got kedai BODY SHOP ok!!!! how cool is that! dah la murah kot body shop kat sane! wuhu!
and shockingly i found a musolla (surau).. and even a place for ablution!!! (wudhu) i dont even have to worry about my prayers! sangat convenient ok!
we get to join their PBL, lectures, skill lab, bedside teaching, semua la!! really nice! =D
its nice to get to explore and see how these geniuses study there in Manchester~
the best part for me was definitely the skill labs~ the only thing about practising ur skills there was that u cant do it on a real patient. unlike in egypt, u can do it on real patient but not everybody gets to do it. so i got pretty excited when the nurse gave us private tutoring in the skill labs.. wuhu!

overall i'm VERY satisfied with the attachment in Salford Royal.. those 2 weeks were really full of stuff that i've never experienced before and i'm really thankful to Allah (mesti la no.1), my parents and of course our doctors and Manchester Univ too! =)

ma..daddy..nak sambung belajar sane ble? miahahaha

Friday, 2 October 2009

bye Mansoura~

"you can do it miriam!!"

i will be leaving Mansoura for two weeks to join Manchester United FC..
to train as a football player!!!
yes some people might think im not fit for this job, but anything is possible right! if u just belieeeeeeeeeeeeve in yourself B-)

ok fine. just kidding ~~
tapi betul la aku nak gi MU, esok kot! omg nervous giler. for what? DARMAWISATA (thanx muiz sebab ajar kaklong perkataan cool ni!) cari dalam kamus kalau nak tau maksud perkataan ni~ alhamdulillah dapat this once in a lifetime opportunity =)
i'll be gone for 2 weeks. yer memang kena catch up sendiri dengan class yang we'll miss in Mansoura. (dead!!!)
i dunno whether i get to see the faculty of meds in MU or not, would really love to~ all i know is i'll be in Salford Royal Hospital... doing what also i donno @_@
harap2 i wont bring shame to my country = (
must study and not look stupid!!!

if you are nice to me, i will bring back souvenirs for you.

p/s: blizzz bray for me~

Saturday, 26 September 2009

the day I brought Ja & Wadat to the OT : D


they came to Penang last july, with expectations of watching and experiencing cool stuff kat OT.
and darn they were very lucky !!!
kira aku dapat luck diorang skali ar cuz the 3 of us dapat tengok surgeries like removing eyeballs, a case of a grandma kena gigit dengan her dog till can see her muscles and her skin is totally gone!!! and a surgery that i havent seen since 2007, CABG! wuhuu!!!

1) removal of the eyeball - sebab pakcik tu kena fungal infection kat mata dia, so he's blind so the doc needs to take out the affected eyeball.
aku tunjuk gambar setakat dia letak pisau sebelah mata and pegang mata tu je. After this pic is too much kot. nanti ada orang yang termuntah pulak. kalau nak tengok, boleh mintak.

2) makcik kena gigit anjing - erk.. i'll just let you guys see the pic and embrace it. Nurses told us that its not the makcik's 1st time to get bitten by the same dog. why didn't she kill the dog the 1st time it bit her!!!!thats the part where the dog bit. or ate. i guess the dog was hungy.
tu ada lagi kat bawah tu.. dah la makcik tu macam umur 80 kot!!! she's so lucky she's still alive!
i wonder how big is the dog. well i guess after this incident, she wont be seeing that dog anymore! !

3) CABG - coronary artery bypass grafting. the main concept is, the artery that supplies the heart is obstructed by a thrombus, therefore the surgeon has to make a new path for the artery to make sure it supplies blood to the heart. hurm its really weird, i remember taking pictures during the surgery but there's non in my pc T_T its ok! u can see the pic in the slideshow bawahhhh sekali.

ada la surgery2 lain, macam cholecystectomy, ACL surgery, operate hidung, hernia, cataract, tapi not as cool as these!! enjoy! click to enlarge the pic :D

Thursday, 24 September 2009


tingat balik the last day when i was in Penang International Airport 2 weeks ago.
mom, abang, muiz, maklong, ameerah and even paklong was there to send me off.
there was one person missing in this picture.

my Dad.

a bit upset about that..
its too bad that he cant make it cuz he was too busy with his work. well at least i get to salam him before i flew.

Dad, hopefully your hardwork will pay off.
don't work too hard.
cuz its not money that brings happiness in life.
(i'm not saying i'm not thankful laaaa)

always put family first.
unless your patient (or whoever you're dealing with) is in a code blue.
tu takleh nak wat pape la kan.

but for this raya, i can't put my family first.
i've balik kampung so many times in my life already.. about 20 times la kan for my age.
and of course its kinda hard to not raya with them.
but try la tak raya kat kampung sekali~ boleh dapat feel camne orang yang raya without family and its an opportunity for you to bond with those people who didnt go back for summer holiday~
not just that, kan tak ramai yang stayback, which means less people to handle the new juniors coming (cam ~400 orang kot coming, we're dooooomed)
boleh la tolong kan?

to my family, especially mom and dad~

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Salam Perantauan

Maaf Zahir & Batin
daripada akhawat medic+dentistry Mansoura University

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

back in Mansoura

yes aku tak raya kat Malaysia tahun ni. not my 1st time.. masa 1st year pun raya kat sini..
but this year raya in Mansoura la.. not many of us pun yang stay here.. some of them choose not to balik for raya cuz nak sambut the new students.. fresh meat.. lalala~ time to corrupt them!

i heard there are about 500 students coming? itu baru through agent.. yang JPA MARA?

so its been more than a week already since the class started. cardiothoracic+haematology (HLB -heart+lung+blood)
tiring i tell ya!! cuz ur fasting.. but not to worry! the taxi is always available to save ur energy!
and for the first time in my life, i will be attending 6 days of classes in a week!!! hooray!!!!
so lets calculate.. in a week you have 7 days right? 7 minus 6.. oooooo so i have one day only la to relax? relax hapenye!!!! HEART LUNG BLOOD!!!! nak mati ke!!! hari hari mau study~

apesal diorang tak buat kelas 7 days a week je ar? tak yah kasi cuti langsung laaaaa~


ok kawan2 semester 7, lets together-gether work hard so that we can pass the exam with flying colours!!

to Super Junior fans! super junior M dah kuarkan MV baruuuuuuuuu!! kyuhyun looks sooooo much better with his new hairdo and hankyung will forever look younger than his age B-)

Monday, 31 August 2009

busy busy busy

well actually takde mood nak update blog. cuz online pun rasa malas...
i haf 9 days before i go back to Egypt on 09.09.09!

and yes people! i'm the new owner of EOS 500D canon~ alhamdulillah! thanx Dad~ (^^,)
still getting used to using it. biasalah beginner maaa~huhu

its already the 10th day of Ramadhan and havent lost a single kilo.. wonder why.. oh yes, cuz we overindulge when we break fast, daaa!!!! bila nak ikut sunnah ni ayoooooooo

just got back from KL/Selangor.. awesome! alhamdulillah dapat jumpa member2 Mansurah..heee. and to hear about Yani's news tu, kinda terkejut la~ well, ape2 decision u/ur parents make, hopefully its d best for u..~ semoga berjaya yea!

and for the 1st time, i bought an actual CD album !!! before this i just buy cassette thats so cheap! tapi ni super junior ok! cant seem tu resist.Super Juni-OR!! and its worth every penny!!heeee... saya suka superjunior!!

bila la nak update pasal info2 medic tu pun xtau~ haih~

jangan ponteng puasa ye kawan2~

Friday, 31 July 2009

Off to Surabaya

to fellow blog readers,
i will be flying to Surabaya tomorrow morning.
tapi masa aku balik nanti, i'll post about removal of eyeball surgery, CABG, makcik yang kena gigit anjing sampai kulit tercabut2, rectal cancer and other stuff =D
this week was really a cool experience for me in the OT.. awesome!!
sorry tak sempat nak tulis~ huk3

roger and out.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

breast tumor, GB stones and haemorrhoid

went to the OT again yesterday.
saw 3 cases.

1. Breast tumor, fibroadenoma.
"Dr, whats the most common benign tumor of the breast?" -- Fibroadenoma
"kalau malignant?" -- Ductal Ca
and the doctor also shared a piece of info about biopy..
"Biopsy ada 4 jenis.. 1 is incisional.. u amek sikit saja.. 2 is excisional where you u excise the whole thing.. 3rd is fine needle aspiration (FNAC) and 4th is frozen section.. you take a biopsy and send it to the patho lab immediately while the patient is still under anesthesia. if the biopsy comes out +ve, then proceed"

2. gallstone.
  • normally when you open up the abdomen, the omentum or the liver is not stuck to the gallbladder (GB) but if there's inflammation (cholecystitis), its gonna get stuck to both liver and omentum.
  • nowadays can remove GB (cholecystectomy) by laporoscopy, but when it gets complicated, open up lor. if nak buat chole, buat Kocher's Incision (subcostal) on the right side.
  • Besides Kocher's, boleh buat right upper midline/ right upper paramedian/ right transverse incision of GB.
  • pre-op, obviously kena buat liver function test.
  • so kalau direct bilirubin high, therefore its obstructive jaundice la kan~ tapi dalam patient ni tak nampak jaundice dia, cuz its visible only if the reading is >100 U/la success!
3. and the last one was haemorrhoidectomy!
  • haemorrhoid (a.k.a piles) is mainly due to constipation
  • common site? bayangkan bentuk jam tu macam anus, 3,7 and 11 o'clock -- common sites.
  • the patient will complain of painless bloody defecation
  • yes haemorrhoid is totally painless, UNLESS if its thrombosed.
  • pain during berak ada 2 je diagnosis : anal fissure (usually tear at 6 o'clock) or thrombosed haemorrhoid.
  • this is the stapler used during this procedure. yea susah sket nak imagine. but if you see the op itself, baru ble faham~
next post will Insya Allah be about ECG~ since sem 7 is about cardiothoracic~ @_@

Sunday, 19 July 2009


by Kak Fifah =p

Nama-nama timangan anda?
  • mir
  • mirry
  • mie (ms 2ry skool)
  • mirry wirry (shaman hg mmg tak betoi)
  • miro (skrg dah jadik name hamster ku)
  • mekyam
  • mekye (klate style)
  • cik yam
  • kak ayam
  • kaklong
  • bab* (applied for siblings only)
anda seorang yang?

  • suka makan
  • malas
  • minat photography
  • tak penah puas membeli handbag
  • malas

3. Insan yang teristimewa??

  • Sungmin
  • Kyuhyun
  • Kangin, Heechul, Leeteuk, Yesung, Hankyung, Eunhyuk,Donghae,Shindong, Siwon, Kibum, Ryewook
  • My parents

4. Lagu kesukaan anda?

  • lagu2 super junior
  • lagu2 leona lewis

5. Makanan kesukaan anda??

  • tandoori and roti nan (kapitan)
  • roti canai
  • sushi
  • char koay teow (chalom)
  • old town white coffee
  • manhattan fish market
  • durian + pulut
  • choc chip cookies famous amos
  • sotong goreng tepung
  • tom yam
  • rojak buah~
  • paddington pancake
  • ice cream baskin robbins
  • mom's cooking (bodek2)

6. Sikap yg membuatkan anda Stress??

  • not being punctual
  • panas baran
  • tak dengar cakap
  • orang yang kalau kita bagi kerja, tapi dia x buat or melengah2kn
  • gedik
  • suka buat lawak bodoh
  • when i'm constipated (ni ble consider as sikap ke??)
  • kebodohan
  • mintak tolong, tapi dia tak tolong, padahal dia mampu nak tolong

7. 3 benda yang mesti ade dalam Beg anda?

  • handphone
  • tissue yg lap utk oily face tu
  • beg duit
Warna kesukaan anda??
  • turquouise !
  • red
  • black
  • purple

9. Kali terakhir anda menangis dan mengapa??

  • 3 days ago, while watching "Click" - Adam Sandler (part last tu)
TAG 6 rakan anda
  • imano comelo
  • husna gila supa juniOR
  • kak pips (ngeeeee)
  • nada yg suka penyetkan hamsternye~
  • temah yg sgt sygkn hamsternye
  • azwa! =p

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


semalam join Dr. orthopedic surgeon.
ACL repair.. male patient. tore his ACL and his meniscus masa duk main some kinda sports.
stood in the OT for 2++hrs.. didnt even get to see the surgeon finish the ACL repair pun.. nurse said this surgery will finish in another 2hours. maka, aku mem-blahkan diri....

ok here are the pics. sorry kalau bloody sangat!

the orthopedic surgeon is taking out the semitendonosis punya tendon to replace the torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)

tendons from gracilis muscle, and right and left semitendonosus.

removing the muscles from the tendons.


so after that, the doc just sew on the harvested tendon at the part where the ACL is torn.
pengajaran? jangan main sports ganas sgt sebab ACL itu tak kuat mane pun.....

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

home at last !

the sight of the new cairo airport (terminal 3) is an absolute wow!
1st of all, the design literally made my jaw dropped, haha!
2nd was the amount of Malaysians crowding the airport.. i was like "am i in KLIA already??? where are the egyptians!!!" cuz i only see malays everywhere.. yang nak balik a few je, tapi yang hantaq tu punya la ramai~~~~~

after the 13hour flight~ we arrived at KLIA, and mom was there to pick me up!! heeee..
alhamdulillah~ Allah let me see the 1st person in my list =)
next morning, took a flight back to Penang.. Dad was there to pick me up!! "tak kerja ka??".. "kerja la.. nak p la sat lagi ni~" wuhu!
practically met everyone in the family..
cant wait to meet ameerah and maklong!!

so.. what to do at home?
agak bummer sebab gang2 Penang ada kat univ masing2.. ughh..
mari kawan2 revise balik cardiothoracic...

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

now it's officially summer agaza!!!

agaza tu holiday~

8 of us went to watch "The Proposal" kat CityStar Cairo right after our OSCE.
saiko!!! tapi nak wat camne.. dah habis exam, cuti!!!!!!!!

countdown to balik m'sia..
6 days to go!!!!
mama~ can i have a whole lobster for myself?
2 roti canai kosong~
tandoori and roti nan~
rojak buah RM5!
and durian!!
omigodddddddddddddd terbayang segala benda dah~
Penang truly Penang~~~~~~

oh and lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY IMAN NUR GHANI! (^^,)

Monday, 22 June 2009


2 days ago. after just a one-nite stay at imano's place..
miro went missing.
the most important file on my laptop was wiped out (thanx to the virus and thanx to my stupidity..who ask you to put it on the desktop!!!)
my migraine got worse.
and some kinda penyakit.
worst day of the year.

my mom said "maybe you're just having EPS"
as i was about to click at google search.. she said "Exam Panic Syndrome"



but i'm not even panicking!!!

miro's back!
50% of my most important file was actually saved in my pendrive!
i dont have migraines anymore!
ok la tu kan~

note to self :
1. jangan save files yg penting kat desktop or C
2. jangan tinggal miro dalam kotak yg terbukak walaupun kotak tu tinggi.
3. jangan jadi nocturnal
4. sentiasa ingat Allah and sentiasa mengadu dengan-Nya~

6 days to final exam.
15 days to PENANG!!!! serius x sabar nak balik! (especially time2 musim durian..wuhu!!)
p/s :
most punctual man on Earth~and the only person i know who would leave his children behind even if they're 5 mins late!! but he can't do that to Mom~ miahaha

ok eventho fathers' day semalam, tapi takpe la..wish je la eh :D
dad..i only have one wish for you..
please please balik awal sikit from work. Tok said you're a workaholic.. well not just Tok.. Toknjang too.
yea i know you're working hard for us~ dont work TOO hard~
love ya Dad! saranghae! (^^,)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

a new rodent friend~

Miro asleep after listening to Super Junior songs~ miahaha~omoooooooo

1st of all i wanna thank Mimi for giving birth to 10 cute babies, unfortunately one passed away.. i just dont understand why you have to eat it after it died.. are you that hungry.. i thought Temah stuff you with food 24-7. cannibalism...
2nd of all, thanx Temah for giving me one!

out of 9 baby hamsters..
i picked the fat one!
name? MIRO!

"dad i got myself a hamster!"
"are you sure?"
"what do you mean??"
"are you sure its a hamster..not a nile rat?"

i'm pretty sure its a hamster.. 100%

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun..

"shbt2 semua,tambahan maklumat mengenai shbt2 cairo yg kemalangan td..seorang disahkan telah meninggal dunia, Amar bin Zulkifli dari pulau pinang..abg wafi pres perubatan dan beberapa shbt lain dah hampir sampai ke sana dan akan bagi maklumat lanjut..sedekahkan al-fatihah..doakan dia dan semua yg lain agar diselamatkan oleh Allah..amin.."

"upp pcm: Kepada semua para pelajar PERUBATAN, di Kaherah mahupun di semua cawangan-cawangan yang lain, tidak kira di manapun anda berada, buatlah solat hajat dan doakanlah kesejahteraan kepada mereka khususnya kedua-dua pelajar yang masih tidak stabil. Akhirnya, mari bersama kita sedekahkan Al-Fatihah buat sahabat kita, Ammar Zulkifli. Semoga Allah golongkan beliau bersama para syuhada' di atas jalanMu. Maklumat dr Pres PERUBATAN, InsyaAllah maklumat lain bakal mnyusul - Mohamad Ashraf Mohamad Isa, Timb Pres 1 PERUBATAN"

"..Dengan namaMu ya Allah, yang nyawaku sentiasa didalam genggamanNya
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
MOHON PERHATIAN SHBT2~ Sedikit makluman terkini berkenaan kemalangan
yang melibatkan pelajar-pelajar perubatan Universiti Kaherah. Kelima-lima pelajar ini ketika itu sedang dalam perjalanan pulang dari Ain Sokhna. Pelajar-pelajar yang terlibat :

1. Mohamad Saif Bin Jamaluddin Tahun 2 -dalam keadaan stabil
2.Abdul Rahman Bin Ramdzan Tahun 3 -masih kurang stabil
3. Muhammad Akram Bin Abd Kadir Tahun 3 -masih kurang stabil
4. Muhamad Fitri Bin TokiranTahun 3 -dalam keadaan stabil
5. Muhammad Ammar Bin Zulkifli Tahun 3 telah pulang ke Rahmatullah

i'm speechless.
when i heard there were year 3 cairo university students involved in an accident, the 1st thing i thought was "laki ke pompuan??" if pompuan, i'd be very worried cuz 2 of my housemates are in cairo now.
2nd thing i thought was, the only guy i know who's a 3rd year cairo univ student is Ammar.. one of the 3 guys who became our mushrif to Luxor and Aswan during the last winter holiday.

After receiving the bad news.. i cant even think of anything to say.. of all the cairo students..
eventhough i only get to know him for about 4 days.. i can tell that he's really a nice guy.
masa trip gi luxor+aswan tu.. 2x kami terlepas solat subuh sebab dalam bus. and kami solat pun dalam keadaan duduk..and dia cakap dia nampak ada yang tak terbangun solat subuh~ so ammar pesan kat kak pah.. suh gitau kitorang.. jangan tinggal solat subuh~ baiklah! huhu~but most of the trip, he was having fun with his two friends; Faisal and Faiz and taking lots of beautiful pictures with his Canon EOS 1000D (aku ingat model camera dia sebab ada sekali tu dia mintak aku tolong amek gambar diorang bertiga guna kamera dia~plus im in love with DSLRs!)

one of the pics taken by Ammar.~

Ya Allah.. semoga Engkau menempatkan Ammar di tempat yang mulia..
Sesungguhnya mati itu pasti dan ia datang pada bila2 masa sahaja..
Allah is reminding us all that death is inevitable.. na'uzubillah~

sama2 kita doakan for the other guys.. semoga diorang recover 100%..

Monday, 8 June 2009

She's 51 t0day!

mama the daring ! "outside you maybe 51, but inside, you're 21" - pinjam ayat Abang yer~

yes June the month of exams and birthdays!

and the most important b'day of all is my mother's!

Happy Birthday Mom!

maaa~ kawan2 kaklong wish happy bday kat mama jugak :D
wish i could be there to celebrate with you guys tho~
and congrats for the new handphone!! so jealous!!!
dad, your choice is always the best!
"finally i got a new handphone" -reaction mama~
haha~ thank God for the new phone!! cuz i cant stand looking at her old phone which has been in the family for what.. 7 years??? cant remember when she bought it..

you deserve it mom : )
nanti boleh la nak pinjam~ heeeee.
sorry i cant afford to buy you that kinda cool gadget thingies. nanti kaklong kerja la kaklong beli untuk mama ok~huhu

ok dah rindu mereka. : (

"uuuu look at the flying monkey!!"
"what flying monkey??"

"lai tampok lai tampok! sakit sikit yaaa" - ayat kegemaran bapaku~

kaklong tuuuuuut***

nice eh?

"i'm buff" - sure abang..sure..

"sorry Muiz termakan semua benda dalam fridge"

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

pesanan kepada junior2 ~

to you guys yang baru/bakal start mansoura-manchester programme (conventional jugak~)
tolong .. TOLONG study basics betul2 ok!! eventhough cikgu takde mention dalam lecture ke hape.. please PLEASE.. blizzzz... study them well.

anat physio histo biochem embryo patho pharma ..... ok SEMUA ar sebenarnye.
sebab nye,if you don't, time clinical nanti merana weiiiiiiiiiii~
especially time cikgu cakap "ohh ampa tak belajaq ka pasai ni sblm masuk clinical? oh you should have learned about this~" ayat panas yg pedih sakit awiiiii~ T_T

so time cuti ni,its the best time to review and study balik basics..weeee! T_T

aku kasik warning awai2 na..ampa tamo dengaq, biaq p.


p/s : study break has begun. doomed!!
25 days to finals.
6 days to UroNephro paper.
19 days to the day of SSC submission.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

camne nak jadik budak sem 6?

1. boleh cope dgn kepenatan kelas dari 8.30 sampai 3-4pm.
2. boleh cope dgn ketensionan sebab x faham arabic ammiyah masa nak take history patients, therefore communication skills, dak arab je bleh buat. (padan muka sndiri!!)
3. boleh pass exam yg diadakan setiap awal bulan.
4. boleh pass exam 9th June ni (uro+nephro) and at the same time boleh completekn thesis yang wajib buat before 15th june.(10-20 pages of tajuk yg complicated) sebab kena buat thesis, kena take extra time after kelas to go to the library untuk cari info.. so balik dah nak dekat kul 5..
5. study untuk final exam 28-30th june nanti

so there's triple studying need to be done pada masa yg sama. kena study utk uro+nephro, finals AND thesis ..

lihatlah.. di mana masa untuk study?
balik rumah dah asar. pastu solat, penat tetido sekejap. bangun, kena masak makan tengok2 dah magrib, so.. study hanyalah mampu dibuat less than 4 jam. kalau tido kul 12, means you have 5 hours je untuk tido.. @_@

sapa yang dapat mumtaz tu, aku taknak kawan dengan kau!!!!

yes i'm complaining! doctor, kami penat!!! - duktur, ehna ta3ban!!! huhuhuhu~~

nobody said clinical was easy @_@

and this is only the beginning..great..

so what's the negative impact of this on us? KAMI PONTENG. why? cuz we're tired!
don't blame us for not attending some classes.
cuz we're not superman ok!! aku rasa kalau superman amek medic, mesti dia lagi penat dari terbang sana sini saving lives T_T

nasib baik urology center lawa..!! tenang sket hati ..

Sunday, 24 May 2009

d'you know where's the best place to study?


seriously i can finish 3-4 topics in 2 hours.

at home, it takes me the whole night to finish ONE topic . . sometimes i don't even get to finish at all.. maybe there are less satan in the library. at home there's to0 much temptations. @_@

i wish my room is a library..isk

16 days to MCQ clinical Urology and Nephrology. 22 days til the day of the SSC submission (why in the world did i agree to pick "Effects of ACE inhibitors on the kidney function") 34 days to the REAL final exam. 43 days away from HOME~ :D:D:D

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

i am enjoying my every moment at Mansoura's Urology and Nephrology Center.
It is BY FAR the MOST beautiful place in Mansoura.. no doubt!!!

i still cant believe the govt is paying for EACH and every kidney transplant plus hemodialysis!!

next stop.. Uro+nephro MCQ 9th of June AND submission of a 20page thesis~ why nobody warned me about clinical ar!!! so many things to read so little time!!! very tiring worrrrrrrrr~