Friday, 26 September 2008

Maaf Zahir & Batin
off to Kelantan!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Malaysian students being CONNED???

rumors has it that, not only the agents from Singapore Airline (in Cairo) that's shamming us, the agents from other airlines are ripping us off too!! (dunno betol ke tak.. better take precautions la)

Pissing about this ain't gonna change anything really. By now, if you're stuck in this problem, you should be going straight to the airline office and settle this once and for all, even if you need to add up any money, which in this case, is neccessary (to upgrade from N class to Y class.)

This matter is not just for the ones who're having troubles with their airline ticket, but for y'all too.

From now on, we have to take precautions to prevent this bull****.

DO NOT buy through impostors! eh silap.. i mean agents. I'm not saying all agents are frauds. Some of them are. lalala~ So either you go directly to the main office, or you buy through online. My parents, nowadays, they're buying airline tickets through the airline's website, and it works pretty well for them! For example Singapore airline, you just go to and you can purchase your flight ticket! tapi bayar with credit card la. If you don't have credit card, call your parents ler~~

Sama-sama kita doakan kepada kawan-kawan kita yang sedang menghadapi masalah tiket ni~ Malang betoi la tahun ni~ haih..ya Allah, bantu la hamba Mu ini~

Sunday, 21 September 2008

the SIA crisis

few days ago, i went to the SIA office to confirm my flight ticket. But little that i know that the flight ticket i bought about 5 months ago was actually a LIE.

Well not a lie really. More like I was being manipulated. A few of my friends who bought tickets from SIA who are also scheduled to departure on the 9th of October are also in the same situation as i am.

We all thought that the flight seat is already in our hands, but actually, most of us are on the WAITING LIST. Its the last thing you would expect to be in after you've fully paid the tickets, it aint cheap ok! if it is, i wont make such a big fuss out of it!

From what I heard, the Egyptian agent who's working at the SIA office in Cairo tricked the students to buy those tickets and not even informing us that we're on the waiting list. what a fraud..

For once, i wished that they care more about people than MONEY.
Sorry to say but that's what i think of Egyptians.

Greedy, selfish and liars.

I just wanna go back to Mansoura and continue with my new semester peacefully : (

On the bright side, i get to spend more time at home~~ (but still, the thought of missing alotta classes can make me go nuts!!! God help us all......)

Friday, 19 September 2008

Just Stand Up


p/s: thanx Yah for introducing me to this lovely lovely song!! (^^,)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

special shoutout!

  • i'm glad till now He still makes you my best pal after 7 years = )
  • nak hadiah kena balik dulu la naaa~
  • jangan lupa belanja aku sebelum aku balik Egypt naaaa ; )

owh lupa lak. Yes Nad too has nicknames! -- Naddy, Nandos, Sab Sab.. haha!! my closest frens are so malang. keh3

6 days.
just 6 days being internet-less can actually make me restless.

i'm still craving for Mexican Food. Brother help me wuuu~

without even realizing how fast time's passing by, i have 3 weeks before i go back to the place where donkey sh*t is everywhere.

and i havent eaten rojak penang!! T_T

Saturday, 13 September 2008


i'm craving for Mexican (Halal) food.

Does anyone know how and where to get some in Penang?


Tuesday, 9 September 2008

since i'm such a nice friend.. i'm not gonna use your fake name(s) for today ONLY! haha..

  • semoga panjang umur
  • mendapat berkat Allah Taala
  • bahagia dunia akhirat
  • berjaya dengan cemerlang~
  • mendapat suami soleh dan kaya raya tapi tsiqah..haha!! (^^,)
a.k.a Shaman @ Manny @ Mandat
(in case anybody wants to know her fake names)


to users who can access internet by phone, who have no idea how much it costs to online with your phone,


or you'll end up with a RM700 phone bill.. (excluding calls and sms) (yes.. this is a real story.. no lie lie one..)

ok but after discount semua, RM600 la. fuuh.. at least ada discount rite?
thank God!


hmm..i think i might stick with this template~~ lalala~

Monday, 8 September 2008

temporary template.

Rain's still pouring. Well at least its not hot.

Can't wait to start baking co0kies!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Its the 6th day of Ramadhan. How's everyone doing with the fasting?
Been losing weight? I for one am not. My body's doing the exact opposite!! How can you gain weight during the fasting month?? I know why. Cuz u sleep after u sahur and you literally consume everything in your sight when you're breaking your fast. EVERYTHING.

I'd kill for a two-hour tennis match right now.isk..

if its not the fasting month pun, i dont think i can even get outta the house with the heavy rain pouring since this noon!!! til maghrib it hasnt stopped yet