Friday, 25 February 2011

Cuti extended! awesome =)

if u watched the news, then u know that Egypt had a successful 18-day riot that resulted in MUBARAK's longgggggg holiday (or i'd like to call it, cuti selama2nya).

so which means the malaysian students pon ada longggg holiday. usually our winter holiday is only 2 weeks but thanx to the riot, our holiday has been extended to a month! wohoo!!

cuti tak buat apa sangat.

enjoying the breeze.

the spectacular view.

the deeeeelicious food.

oh did u know that Penang ranked no.8 in "top 10 island u should visit before u die"? take a look here!!

cool eh?

oh as usual a visit to the hospital is a must!

had the opportunity to learn how to stitch lemak, rectal sheath and subcutical (bawah kulit)!
started off with a kain, needle, and a needle holder, then only move on to real human flesh!


oh, miro's gone.had to let her go. takdak sapa boleh jaga dia..huhu
She's living in the univ's stadium (in mansurah la)
Temah let her go.
its ok, aku redha je =) i hope she's happy there.

well, i'll be going back to Mansoura on the 16th.. bummer!