Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Abdominal Myomectomy and caput succedaneum

first of all, i wanna congratulate Mansoura Univ Hosp for its brand new clean modernize more sterilized OT! haha~ lawaaaaa sangat! impressive!!!
enough of those compliments. so this post is about abdominal myomectomy and caput sucadeoonoeum~~~ serious til now i donno how to pronounce it properly. adoi.

ok, abd myomectomy means that u make an incision at the lower part of the abdomen, open open.. cut cut. then find the uterus that got lotsa fibroids.. and then just remove the fibroid ONLY. sebelum ni kan total hysterectomy kan, means u buang everything (uterus+ovary+fallopian tube+cervix)
tapi kali ni... patient tu rasa dia nak get pregnant lagi. so since fibroid is a benign tumor, therefore she said she wants to keep her uterus. maka dgn itu Dr pun buat la myomectomy (removal of fibroid).. she's 40 years old btw. i have no idea why she still wanna get pregnant. biarla.. patient's rights~

tada! brand new clean OT! told you.. neat!!!!

ni gambar Dr tengah kopek keluar subserous fibroid from its capsule. Subserous means its protruding outside the uterus. dia ada banyak jenis, intramural (dlm muscle layer), submucous, pedunculated submucous+subserous etc. here's the diagram for types of fibroid. senang faham kot. kalau tak faham, can ask.

kami yang menyibuk~~

so these are the fibroids that have been taken out. Cam tak caye kan ada banyak giler fibroid in one person!! :-s

Ok next is about Caput Succedaneum. it means development of edema under the scalp of a newborn. benda ni normal, tak berlaku kat semua baby, tapi if ada, biarkan je. nanti dia recede sendiri. in about 2 weeks.
If u see in this picture, the newborn's head is not symmetry kan, notice x?? haaa. tu la caput succadaneum~ So no need to panic~ it will subside by itself

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Definition of Anaesthesiologist

Do you know the definition of an anaesthesiologist?
"Anaesthesiologists are doctors who keep the patients alive while the surgeons do things that would otherwise kill them"
True or not?

- haha~ go0d one dad =)

p/s : i will post some pictures of abdominal myomectomy soon~ nantikan!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Uterine Fibroids

its been ages since my last post.
been busy with the new semester.
O&G is yet another semester full of new stuff to learn.
this semester, i'm taking an initiative to speak to patients and understand them without the help of our egyptian classmate. chaiyok!!!

ok here's some info about uterine fibroids~
we had the opportunity to observe a total hysterectomy few days ago. Done by Dr Abdel Aziz who was also our doctor incharge for our round that day.
Whats a fibroid? Fibroid is a benign tumor. Uterine fibroid is sooooooooo veryyyyy commonnnnnn in women. some are pretty harmless (30-40% of women are asymptomatic) and only a small chance (0.2%) chance for the fibroid to turn malignant. baca sendiri la pasal details dia. banyak sangat. huhu.

here are some pics!

wanita-wanita Malaysia group 4

The surgeon on the right is Dr. Abdel Aziz. Notice the red lump ? thats the uterine fibroid.

see the stringy part ? thats the fallopian tube.

its looks like a monkey from the back, kan?? the 'head' is called the subserous fibroid. its a type of fibroid that protrudes out of the uterus into the peritoneum.. awesome!!!