Tuesday, 26 February 2008

so that's the end of "Kempen True Muslimah" and "Malam Huruun 'Ein"
my 1st time handling a one-night event. Now I know why the protocol people are so tensed and they always look exhausted.
I know mom, i shouldn't be doing this things.
but if we help others, Allah will help us.

tired.yet satisfied.and undoubtly grateful.

Never forget.
Fulfill your responsibility as a Muslimah.
and as a daughter too. why are we here in the first place?
STUDY wei. jangan sekali sekala lupa amanah ibubapa.

making sure that my niat is always the right niat.

do everything for Allah.
remember this ALWAYS.
Sesungguhnya Allah sentiasa akan ingat kepada orang yang mengingati kepadaNya.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Dr.Abdel Wahab Mahmoud Ibrahim
M.B., B.Ch., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., F.R.C.S., “London”, M.D.
Professor & Chairman Neurosurgery Department,
College of Medicine ,
Mansoura University .

ok so in our programme, we are divided in groups and each group there's a tutor assigned to guide us throughout the semester.
HAHAHAHHAHAHA! *bangga sial*

Monday, 11 February 2008

No Strings Attached

"No Strings Attached by Clare Dowling"

i'd say it's a reasonably good book.
nicely plotted out.
the ending was very surprising and in the beginning you might have expected it but the author managed to manipulate the mind of her readers.
simple English, easy to understand. not like some books that you need a dictionary beside you.

owh and may Allah bless the woman who bought this book for me. haha. Kak Adlina has ways of negotiating a good bargain with the 'ammu. i officially love second hand books! (^^,) cuz you can get them at a very cheap price.

overall, i'd give a 3.8 outta 5~

Saturday, 9 February 2008


"kaklong..jangan lupa sujud lama-lama.."
my grandmother's advice.

I found this article in the internet and its originally written in bahasa but i would like to share it with everyone (cuz some might not understand malay language..) and my English is not that good so i just use simple words.

"Maybe alotta muslims didn’t realise the hidden advantages of sujud. In fact, as muslims, we should know that every Allah’s creations have their own benefits, benefits that we would have never thought of.

There are two kinda sujud that we practise, the physical sujud (which is the one that we perform in our prayer) and the spiritual sujud (which is in the form of obeying Allah). Ulama says that we are closest to Allah when we are performing sujud and it is better to sujud longer.

Other advantages of sujud are to relieve our respiration and to restore the position of the organs in our body. Breathing during sujud can also :

  • Adjust the position of the kidney

  • Adjust the position of the uterus
  • To relieve pain in hernia
  • To reduce period pain
  • To relieve lung expansion
  • To relieve pain in appendix or spleen.
  • The sujud position is the best position to rest and to balance the curvature of the vertebral column (back bone)
  • To decrease the weight of the pelvis
  • To make it easy to sleep
  • To move the shoulder muscles, chest muscles, neck muscles, stomach muscles and the gluteus (buttocks) muscles during sujud and to wake up after sujud.
  • The moving of the muscles makes the muscles stronger and more elastic and automatically it will ensure the smooth-flowing of the blood in our blood stream.
  • For women, this helps the breast muscles to function better in breast feeding and to prevent breast pain.
  • To decrease the body weight
  • The movements of the muscles help women to give birth easily and to restore the position of the reproductive organs and to prevent convulsions.
  • To prevent brain haemorrhage which is possible if it suddenly receives too much blood supply and also to prevent diseases of the vessels etc.

Psychologically, sujud makes us feel humble in front of Allah and therefore overcoming poor qualities such as arrogant, self-centred, egoistic, etc.

Medically, performing sujud for a longer time will increase the blood supply to the brain thus it could prevent headache and migraine, to ‘freshen up’ the brain and also to increase our ability to think and therefore increases ones mentality.

Jom sujud lama-lama~

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Ras El Bahr

Ah yes. We went sight-seeing again. Well since Wadat’s bro is here, might as well go jalan-jalan here in Egypt! So we went to Ras El Bahr. We invited others to come with us but it seems that alotta people have already been there before and some are just not available. So, there were only 5 of us, including Amin. We got the whole van for ourselves! Weee~ it took about an hour & a half to reach there (sat je..tak lama pon..) and Yah said, “wow aku tatau pon ada tempat camni wujud kat Egypt..” haha. It was not bad, really!

Indeed the place has actually nice views! Ras El Bahr, direct translation, it means "kepala sungai/laut" cuz sometimes they use the term "bahr" as river and sometimes sea. The original plan was to witness where the Nile river meets the Mediterranean sea, but UNFORTUNATELY, that particular place was under construction and no one was allowed to enter (after dibodek pon diorang tak kasi..). It is a sign that we should come again to this place! Cuz the second purpose was to watch the sunset. And of all the odds, there were thick clouds blocking the sunset so we didn't have the opportunity to watch the sun sets into the horizon. *sigh* (another sign that we should return to ras el bahr) well no harm la. At least we had fun! Heee~ Cuti Cuti Egypt~~

the Mediterranean Sea

amin dan abam. walking towards one of the big mosques in ras el bahr

the 'sunset' *sigh*

this is the site where we were SUPPOSE to see the "pertemuan antara dua sungai". better luck next time Insya Allah

Monday, 4 February 2008

i'm back!

back from internet-less life [cut off for one week!! ughh..not just mine, the whole country! yet some manage to online eyh..weird..] and back from the luxury-ness of Cairo!
yes i admit i am broke for the time being. i'm kinda thankful
that i'm placed in Mansoura, rather than Cairo. Cuz i can't imagine the amount of money i'll be pouring out if i stayed in Cairo.


Five days we stayed in Cairo. Mostly shopping and sight seeing. And for the first time! i finally get to step into the famous Qala'ah a.k.a Citadel! haha. not bad la. kinda cool to go somewhere historical here in Egypt [bangga dengan Sultan Salahuddin.huhu!]

owh and its book fair time! the time where everybody spends hundreds of bucks on BOOKS. yes, me too. my money burnt mostly on medical books. isk. owh. and i found this book!

hehe. i wanted to buy it but i'm just gonna make Aishah more pissed. so i didn't. haha

Cairo is much much colder than Mansoura! OMG. My housemates was bragging about my oh-so-nipis coat (lawa ok coat tu. tapi sial nipis) therefore, i HAD to buy a new jacket just to keep me warm..ughh (pokai-ness) with the help of Kak Adlina! the pregnant 5th year medical student. hahaha. of course she's married! thanks akak for helpin me out! without her, i might get cyanosis and hypothermia. ~~~

The 1st thing that pops in my head when i reached cairo, was DEFINITELY food. nothing else. just FOOD. starbucks, McD, coffee bean, cilantro, cinnabon, hardeez, baskin robbins, which i don't mind spending my money on. Kat cairo sempat jugak menjamah masakan-masakan melayu yang sangatlah oh-s0-heaven~~ ada gak restoran melayu kat cairo! tabik ar kat pakcik tu~ its not everyday you get to eat the REAL malay fo0d in Egypt! huhu. speaking of food, don't ever eat the sushis or teriyaki or watever japanese food here cuz the Egyptians dunno how to make 'em!!
bak kata Kak Adlina.. "rasa macam plastik"
its hell expensive! but they taste like crap.ughh. what a waste of money!!

last day in cairo, after sending Ja at the airport (siot ar ko balik jeddah. jeles aku!!), we went to the malaysian hall and guess who i met.. Haninah! haha. after 4 years.. 4 years!! isk.. finally dapat jumpa minah from jordan ni. heee. (fitrah jeles. haha)

yes it was tiring and exhausting and pokai-ing.. yet i had hellavafun! weee~

ma'rod kutub . where you can find ANY books you need.

even secondhands!

carrefour+dandy mall~

sunset. on the way to the airport to send Ja back to Jeddah~

inside Citadel.