Thursday, 15 April 2010

What's Happening in Palestine?

this is before 1967

and this is today.. Isreal called it a 'NATURAL GROWTH'

What do YOU call it?

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Monday, 12 April 2010

Back in Business =)

one of the ways to motivate yourself to study is by keeping yourself busy so that you'll appreciate time~
this is what i believe la~ maybe for some people, one may think that the busier you are, the less time you have for studying~

well at least this gives me a reason to wake up early..haha!

So, these are the menu~

chocolate-covered biscuit-bottom-layered cheesecake~ in addition to that, anyone who wishes to add an extra to the cake are welcome to do so~ (cam kalau nak buah2 ape2 ke~ or jem ke~ ayyi hagah~)

And this year, i've decided to add another cake to the menu~ well actually its not a cake~ its a nice dessert tho~ Chocolate mousse~ compared to cheesecake, this one is not baked and the bottom crust is made out of BOREOS (egyptian version of Oreo...MUCH2 cheaper)!!! So sebab ni still new, i'm gonna offer it at a special price~ nanti2 la aku naikkan harga >:)

so, here's the details on these two~


Topping : chocolate (meleleh ke keras ke, can choose), your choice of fruit, Jem
Bottom crust : Buttered biscuit
Size : 22.7 x 22.7 cm

Topping : takde~ but kalau nak, boleh request
Bottom crust : biskut Boreo
Size : 22.7 x 22.7 cm
Price : LE 50 [aritu LE 45 kan? haha~ sorry.ada orang cakap the size is i should resize.. instead, i'll reprice =) ]

Sorry picture tak available.. nak letak pic from internet tapi takut ada orang ada high expectation plak~ @____@

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Careful girls =D

Before this, some of my colleagues told me to be 'extra' careful when Egypt starts to heat up~ as in, be careful when summer is approaching.. so i was like "ley ba'a??" (ley ba'a = why la)

so here's the story.
Today after Yah and I went to the gawazat (tempat buat visa?), as usual the 3ammu (pakcik) said "ta3ali bokra" (come tmrow). So we decide to go back to the hospital la~ what for waste time right? baik gi round~ dapat ilmu~

Anyways, On our way (we took a cab of course) to the hospital, as my mind ponder around thinking of life and the amount of sampah by the streets, all of a sudden Yah said "Mir, tengok tu. apsal orang tu bukak baju dia?". Because of my curiosity, i turned my head on the other side of the cab. Its too late for me to regret my actions by that time.... I found myself in a state of confusion at 1st cuz i didnt see anything and i only saw a makcik walking pass by..
as the cab drives closer to the junction of the street, i saw a shirtless old man (age 40-60 maybe~ midlife i assume) doing something weird.. and in just a few seconds, he starts to take of his friggin' pants!!!!!!!


Alhamdulillah our reflex were quick enough to save our innocent eyes~ (innocent la sangat~ =p ) i only saw his symphysis pubis *thank God*~ BOLEH TAK PAKCIK TAXI TU GELAK JE!!! adoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ i even heard people at the streets screaming "arrghh!!!" sape tak jerit kalau jumpa a naked guy in the middle of the jalan kan???

My provisional diagnosis for this is.. MAYBE he has some kinda brain tumor that's suppressing the part where it controls his rasional actions (Ya Allah, dah tak ingat anatomy otak..), but we cannot neglect the fact that the heat does crazy things to men. Males (Egyptians mostly) tend to be more..urm.. 'active' when the weather is like an oven. its sooo panassss~~ harr!! harr!! (hot! hot!) my friends said case meraba2 ni increase time tengah2 panas nih.. huhuhu~

Juniors especially, kalau tak pernah kena raba dgn arab sebelum ni, try elak by not walking alone kat kawasan yg sunyi/xde orang ramai..

banyak2 la berdoa ye supaya kita sentiasa selamat kat ardhul kinanah ni~

wallahu 3alam~