Monday, 17 May 2010

Fraser Ruling and Jehovah

these are something i definitely wanna share with my fellow blog readers.

have u guys heard of the Fraser Ruling/Guidelines and also the Jehovah Christians?

yea for u ppl who havent heard of it, 1st i tell u the history of Fraser Ruling/Guidelines.

(reference : Dr. Atia, cuz he told us the story just now.. hehe~ so if the story is wrong, blame him =D)

So its starts with a 14-year old female coming to see her GP. And she said "i'm having unprotected intercourse with my boyfriend. So i want contraceptive pills"

At that time, the law said that, a GP can only prescribe contraceptive pills for 16 years old females only if they have their parents' consent....

So.. the GP said la.. "does ur parents know about this?" she said No.
"i cant give u unless u have ur parents' consent", the GP told her.
She refused la cuz she din want her parents to find out. So she didnt take the contraceptive pills.
and because of patients' confidentiality, he couldn't tell her parents about this.

guess what happened next?
She went back to the GP.


And the awesome thing is that.. her parents blame it on the GP!!! hahaha! "it's your fault our daughter is pregnant!! why didnt you just subscribe her the pills!". Just great.
yea at 1st i thought its not the GP's fault she's pregnant. She's the one who is sexually active and its her parents fault for not taking good care of her~

ok so they brought this case to court.. jeng3!
And the judge was Lord Fraser~

Judge Fraser asked the GP..
"did u tell her to tell her parents?".."No"
"did u tell her the consequence of being sexuality active and having a baby?".."No"
"did u tell her the side effects of taking contraceptive pills?".. "No"

so can u guys see? its kinda the GP's fault cuz he didn't warn her.

So from this, Fraser Guidelines (for under 16) jadi!
Boleh tengok kat bawah ni..

If you see another point of view, even if you tell her parents, its not gonna prevent her from getting pregnant. Unless u kill ur child.. or.. Lock her in her room~ Or kill the boyfriend.. lalala~

Ok pasal Jehovah pulak~

From wikipedia,
"Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the Bible prohibits ingesting blood and that Christians should therefore not accept blood transfusions or donate or store their own blood for transfusion."

So ada satu case Dr.Atia cerita.. this boy is dying cuz of blood loss (i cant remember whats the disease). So since the parents are Jehovah Witnesses, they refuse the blood transfusion treatment for their boy, yea eventho he's dying. And so they let him die. They said, if the doctors perform the blood transfusion, they will not accept him as their son anymore.

To read more on this, click here

What would you do if you're in the doctors' position?

Since baru belajar tadi, in my opinion, i would do the transfusion cuz i wouldn't want my patient to die. Even if they don't wanna accept him, there's always foster care. If the family rejects him, its now the community's responsibility to take care of him =)

Jehovah all around the world, please dont get mad~ its just my opinion =) who am i to judge anyone right?


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