Saturday, 1 May 2010

And that's a rap~

we've just ended our O&G round (us, i meant the semester 8s) and surprisingly, i think i'm gonna miss this round. i totally love the exposure we get from it.
And of all the days, Allah has picked our last day in O&G to give us the ultimate gift, which is to watch live vaginal delivery! ok for some people, they might think "why ultimate gift??? ewwww!!"
its not easy la.. you have to have goodluck =D
if ada case at that time, then ada la.. if takdak.. try another day.. some of my friends had to wait for hours just to wait for the lady in labor to give birth. Alhamdulillah, we didnt even have to wait for more than an hour.. we reached at the delivery room, ada satu case! yay! then 10mins later, the doctor said "get the wheelchair!!"

A respond from a friend who was with me at that time..
"aku taknak bagi bini aku buat normal delivery..aku akan make sure dia buat Caesarean!!!"
the woman was screaming her lungs out at that time.. huhu.. scary mary~

but the girls in my group prefer normal delivery, even after the jaw-dropping experience. haha!

cinca menarik! biar la culture shock pun, u have to at least try watching it =)

oh after that, we went to the gyne ward.. took history from a patient.. did vaginal examination (something that not all medical students get to experience..heeee.. only in Egypt!), speculum examination. During history taking, i realized that, eventho its the last day for me to take history from patient, i still suck at it and i stilllll dont understand the egyptian language : ( (shuwayya shuwayya)
an advice to the preclinical students : please learn ur arabic well before entering the clinical years ok :(

So, itu lah~ habis dah O&G~ sedih? kinda.
what's next? Pediatrics... jeng jeng jeng.... (well exam O&G 1st of course, pray for us!!!!)
I dont know anything about pediatrics, but from the size of the Nelson Textbook of pediatrics, unbelievable ~~~~~~ *hooray*

oh i have paused my cheesecake/choc mousse business, will start again after 9th May insya Allah~ order la lagi kalau nak~



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