Monday, 30 March 2009


bila saya malas..i tend to think of doing other things besides studying (obviously)

yes i know tomorrow ada mock exam. nama pon mock.. so i'm mocking the exam..
i'm so not taking this exam seriously. why should they name it "mock" exam!! now i have no mood of what so ever to study.. at all!!
if they say "oh this exam will be included in your finals" baru ar orang rasa bersemangat nak study.. its for our own go0d jugak whatttttt. hayooo

so now.. i cant even read the lecture's ppt slides without checking my facebook every 2mins.

as i was saying.. i tend to think of doing other things.. such as baking!
correction kepada yang menjawab soalan "what do u do when you're lazy" untuk aku masa prog motivasi tu.. i dont "masak" when i'm malas.. i prefer baking.. there's a difference.. check the dictionary..!!

what's on my mind?

"home baked chocolate chip co0kies cheesecake sandwiches"

amek kau. panjang giler name. tak sabar nak buat lepas mock exam!!!

tiba2 cephalic phase activated.. parotid gland secreting mucus dengan banyaknya..
ughh.. kalau boleh nak pi beli sekarang gak ingredients.. tapi sure dapat penampar free dari Yah sebab tak study..huhuhuuhu..

saya jealous dengan tambi. sebab dia boleh tido sepanjang hari and cakar orang and makan and defecate dan urinate without a care in the world~ and going straight to heaven after dying.
ughh. dengki.

dah2.. jom study~

Saturday, 28 March 2009

4th of July : considered as the most late tarikh i've ever decide to balik msia. before this by the end of June sure dah sampai penang.

but 4th seems kinda early.. rasa nak balik lambat sikit pun ada. a bit guilty pulak balik 'awai' ni.~

so there you have it. i've raised the white flag. hope they're happy~ kaklong balik awai ni, boleh la belanja DSLR.. kan kan kan??

so today ada International Cultural Day.
some said it was an utter failure cuz 90% who came was malaysian.. 5% syrian and 5% egyptian. mana p egyptian lain~ it was more of a Malaysian cultural Day.what the..
but for me, i think it went well la. dak2 msian paling bersungguh2 pasang booth.. bagus2.
tahniah baji+temah n the rest who cooked the kuih muih.
silat perf tu cool eh~ and booth tourism tu mantop2.

sorry unit ekonomi x pasang gerai jual makanan.. ada ramai yang nak mati kelaparan tadi sebab xde makanan berat eh~ kesian tol.. aku pun nak mati kelaparan tadi.. @_@

tuesday ada mock exam and everybody's treating mock like its nothing.. sebab mock tak kira markah utk final.. (^^,) suke suke

til next time.

p/s: we got a new family member!

chicken tambi.

Monday, 23 March 2009


" long nak balik lambat sikit boleh tak? like a month camtu.. cuz nak stayback nak join kelas arab 3ammiyah kat cairo.."

"ha sape suruh tak join kelas masa weekends.. ikut suka kaklong lah.."

"urm.. masa weekend takde masa la mama.."

"you no need to stayback for one month. i can ask someone to come and teach you at home."

"but learn here better what dad.. learn from an egyptian better than an ustaz kat malaysia.. all the seniors and dhamirah did it last year..

"its up to you la kaklong. i'm just giving a suggestion"

"urm..what about the surabaya trip?"

"not important..if you balik lambat.. you cannot go la"

"ok..i'm gonna have to think about this first..." if you miss me, just say it.
i'm sorry if i decide to balik lambat.
hope you guys won't be mad at me.

i miss you guys too.

should i or should i not stayback?
kalau nak ikut, kena jaga hati parents..tol tak?
hurm . .
maybe after they found out that my semester starts (early sept) before i get to celebrate raya (22sept) kat M'sia.. its harder for them to let me balik lambat..

i'm doomed.

*musim mencari flight tiket sudah tiba*
the search is on..

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Exam Fever part 1


Empat perkara menguatkan badan
1. Makan daging
2. Memakai haruman
3. Kerap mandi
4. Berpakaian dari kapas

Empat perkara melemahkan badan
1. Banyak berkelamin (bersetubuh)
2. Selalu cemas
3. Banyak minum air ketika makan
4. Banyak makan bahan yang masam

Empat perkara menajamkan Mata
1. Duduk mengadap kiblat
2. Bercelak sebelum tidur
3. Memandang yang hijau
4. Berpakaian bersih

Empat perkara merosakan Mata
1. Memandang najis
2. Melihat orang dibunuh
3. Melihat kemaluan
4. Membelakangi kiblat

Empat perkara menajamkan fikiran
1. Tidak banyak berbual kosong
2. Rajin bersugi (gosok gigi)
3. Bercakap dengan orang soleh
4. Bergaul dengan para ulama


1. TIDUR PARA NABI- Tidur terlentang sambil berfikir tentang kejadian langit dan bumi.
2. TIDUR PARA ULAMA' & AHLI IBADAH- Mengiring ke sebelah kanan untuk memudahkan terjaga untuk solat malam.
3. TIDUR PARA RAJA YANG HALOBA- Mengiring ke sebelah kiri untuk mencernakan makanan yang banyak dimakan.
4. TIDUR SYAITAN- Menelungkup/ tiarap seperti tidurnya ahli neraka.

p/s: there will be more tips to be shared~

Monday, 16 March 2009

Happy Birthday Kak Naneen!

had to give u back! =D
yes mansoura's photographer has officially turned 21! (kak dayah's camera is no longer her's anymore..heeeee..when are u gonna get one of those!!?? oh takleh2. selagi mir x beli, dont even think of getting one before me!! xle langkah bendul okkkkkkk)
umo same tapi panggil dia 'kak'~
weird but takpe la~ kak tanda respect tuh~ hehe.

selamat hari lahir Farah Nazneen Md Jais!

usually i 'promote' any minah masa buat shoutout utk b'day.. but somehow i get the feeling that she's not single.. haha!!
takpela..kalu nak berkenalan ngan dia jugak.. gi kat blog dia~
pape, ble je contact thru me.. hahahaha~

have an awesome b'day kak! (^^,)

p/s: had to choose dis pic.. irresistable!! background unique sgt..ngahahah~

Sunday, 15 March 2009

was tagged~

my 1st time responding to a tag~ sebab kena paksa ngan Shafiq..haha

Attention :

i. Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you
ii. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged
iii. You have to tag the person who tagged you
iv. If i tagged you, its because i want to know more about you
  1. i am a Muslim (^^,)
  2. i seem to have a name that is the most difficult to pronounce
  3. i dont like to eat fish..prefer boneless fish
  4. i cant admit that i am a pure malay cuz my bahasa sucks
  5. i'm in love with handbags and DSLRs
  6. i sell cheesecakes to compensate my flow of money
  7. for me, time is precious. so dont waste my time or i will waste urs. if you're in my circle of friends, i expect each and everyone of you to be PUNCTUAL.
  8. i am half kelantanese, half perlis. no penang blood wat so ever. therefore i can speak loghat kelantan and utara but in my family, we use loghat KL.. @_@ dunno why..
  9. shockingly i have caught the disease that i was trying to stay away since my 1st year here. i think i like DBSK.. tidak!!! ni semua Cak punya pasal.. @_@
  10. i like to add this "~" and "@_@" or "T_T" in my ym/sms.. kan kan??
  11. caffeine dependent.. if i dont drink a cup of coffee in the morning, i'll be sleepy and my eyes starts to swell (macam muka orang yg x tido) by 12pm.
  12. i like to keep myself busy. i hate it when i have nothing to do (besides study of course).. workaholic kot..ngehh
  13. cant live without internet for more than 2 days. internetholic jugak kot : p
  14. tak suka lagu melayu yang bukan nasyid.
  15. i'm an exagerator~ they call me the "extra panicky one" what the @_@
  16. i prefer to listen to live singing (Leona Lewis #1!!) rather than lip syncing yang sangat fake dan membosankan.. yer britney i meant u..
That I wanna Tag :
sape2 aje~
aku target sikit2. wanee, fikri, bad, kd, fitrah. lama tak dengar crita dari korang~ huhu

Friday, 13 March 2009


syndrome malas datang lagi.
no more play play~
time to get serious.

so much to be done.
so much to READ~
study, must study!!!

"cancer situ cancer sini.
disease itu disease ini~
pathology treatment investigation clinical presentation SURGERY arghhhh..
not to mention oncology and microbiology and watever -0gy lagi.. "

eventho baru 3rd case, mock exam a.k.a (exam main2) after 4th case and exam final pulak bulan 7.
i already feel stupid and lost.
satan..please go away and leave us alone.
May God give us strength to ignore satan's whispers.
shuhhh shuuuhhhhh~

"wa a3uzubika minal 3ajzi wal kasal"

haritu kitorang belajar pasal euthanasia~
apa itu euthanasia?
short definition~ "PULLING THE PLUG"

"the act or practice of killing somebody who has an incurable illness or injury, or of assisting that person to die. Euthanasia is illegal in most countries."

i say NO to euthanasia~

what say you?

Thursday, 12 March 2009

single and ready to mingle! heeeee. (the one holding the flower arrr)

semalam birthday Bu~

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY Nurussakinah Mahmud! (^^,)

and i just found out that alotta people wished her during Sport's Day, which was 5 days before her b'day.. soooo she kinda got pissed~
and whoever spread the news that it was her b'day on that day... i hope that that person will check again the validity of the information before telling or kecohing to others ok? kesian dia~
tak silap aku ada hadith yang mention about dont spread the news if you dont know the truth about the news. (hoho)
share2 la sape yang ada hadith tu..
pape pun~ post ni utk Cak~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! laa tahzan ok~ you should enjoy your b'day. OMG you're means you can vote in the next election!! or maybe.. get elected!!!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

extremely proud of you guys =)

i'm not talking bout those mansurah people who won alot at yesterday's SPORT'S DAY..
but to those who helped out during the Gerai Unit Ekonomi!!!

aku nak list satu2 nama..

picture taken from Ain's fb ; ) asal muka korang cam serius giler.. haha! couldnt made it without you guys~

x sempat aku nk amek gmbar mereka2 ni yg bertungkus lumus jual mknn~ thanx Kak Naneen for this pic!

yang akhawat~
Yah (sesat..bukan ukon pon~ tapi kawan yg sgt baik!!! yang masak ayam masak madu~)
Temah (timbalan pengarah yang dedicated) pemasak daging kicap dan cokodok bersama Meen~
Kak Nahdia yang masak popia bersama Tim tim~
Ain Nasir and Adiba yang goreng ikan~
Muna yang buat wedges yang mir sempat makan satu je~ thank God..~
KakCik yang buat donut fino~
Sakinah pembuat popcorn~
Wahidah pemasak acar~
Fatimah and Aiman yang tolong akak~
dan yg lain2 yang tlg derg masak~~

yang ikhwah~
Ubai~Luwoh~Bakar~Imran~Aie~Jihad~Iskandar~Lokman~Wan~ (apa jadik ngan yg lain?)
diorang ni malam2 pun tak tido kopek bawang and peel potato dowh and potong kobes~
and aku dengar mee goreng sedap~ x sempat nak makan~
nasi (sesape yg masak tu) pon nampak sedap~
yang sempat makan pun burger~~
smpai ponteng skola satu hari dowh~~~~
thanx to apang jugak yang meminjamkan motor harley davidson nye~! mula2 tu boleh gak boss guna ulang alik angkat barang~ tapi ammu polis tak kasik plakkkkk.. @_@
terpaksalaaahhh sorang tu naik basikal ulang alik bawak barang smpai peluh2~
kesian giler~

pape pun.. i'm really2 thankful and proud of you guys..~ serius.

aku hargai stiap penat lelah korang and every tenaga and masa and duit yang korang sumbang utk memajukan gerai semalam~

thank you~

i really3 appreciate everybody's hardwork and commitment..