Thursday, 23 October 2008

rasa nak bukak bisnes cheese cake..

taktau laku ke tak..
nak kumpol duit~~~~~


no offense mom n dad~ :D its not that you're not giving me enough money~ (^^,)

Friday, 17 October 2008

lately i've been listening a lot to Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love" and after youtube-ing for Shayne Ward, the 2nd season winner of X factor (he's awesome! and drop dead gorgeous!!) , i found out that Leona Lewis was actually the winner of X factor season 3!! wataf!!!!! She's british?!?! wow!!! finally a fresh talent from the UK! after listening to some of her live performances.. i tell ya people, she's the next mariah carey/celine dion!!!! her voice is mind-blowing!!

here are some of my favourites! of course la i prefer live singing.. she's awesome!! - Leona singing "I will always love you" - Xfactor - Over the Rainbow at the Brit Awards 2008 "Bleeding love"

she just won the X factor contest last year, and today! she's like one of the best singer ever!! and her shy shy personality is so great! cuz she's not prasan and gedik2 eventho she has an absolutely divine voice of the decade!!

and i cant stop watching her live performances cuz she's just awesome!!!

its all about singing live people~~ B-)

Thursday, 16 October 2008

safely back in Mansoura, well.. MERELY.

I remember the moment i stepped outta the plane, i start having migraines already. it didnt end there obviously.. when i walked to the place where you claim your luggage, there was this smell of sh*t.... *typical* so whatever.
Met with this one chinese Malaysian. He said it's his 1st time in Egypt. and he asked me mahal tak taxi......... haha!! he asked the right person! muahaha~ so i said "bargain half of what he ask sampai dapat!! and dont let them rip your money off!!" hohoho~ *jahat tol*

here's a thing about Egyptian. I think diorang tak sayang nyawa diorang.
why? cuz they drive like orang gila!! its like cheating death!! Thank God i'm still alive!!

I expect my 1st day as a 3rd year medical student to be very exciting and interesting but it turns out to be the opposite.
if my first lecture i attended has given me bad headaches, i cant imagine how it'd be like for the rest of the semester!
shouldn't be focusing on the problem. instead i should be looking for a solution for it.
still gotta catch up for the previous case i missed last week. darn it!!

Sabar. That's what the "S" in "MESIR" stands for.

so many things to be settled. macam2! and i'm still jet lagging......

must not forget my number one goal.

i'm trying my best to erase procrastination from my mind, PERMANENTLY. hard, but possible! yakin boleh!!

*Allah, please help us all*

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

the hardest thing to do is say BYE

bye mom.. g0nna miss your scolding and cooking.
bye dad.. eventho you're oncall and can't send me at the airport today.. gonna miss your angry-tone lectures about medicine stuff.
bye abang.. jaga diri. jaga awek. jangan gatai lebeh2. study hard for SPM next year.
bye muiz.. you're always a pain in my a**.. biar handsome, tapi jual mahal ok.
bye ameerah.. stop sucking your fingers.. and stay chubby! Maklong, i'm so gonna slaughter you!!
bye nad.. jangan nakal2.. study hard and be the best!
bye shaman.. make the right decision..
bye wanee.. get a job! thanx for the company during my holiday~~
bye Oldtown.. kau la tempat feveret aku lepak masa kat Penang..
bye awesome fo0d.. char koay teow.. roti canai.. ayam tandoori..
bye OT Lam Wah Ee Hosp.. kau la tempat aku lepak dan mencari ilmu.. thanx doctors! thanx dad~

bye the rest of Penang.. bye Malaysia..


here i come, Mansoura. *sigh*

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Heading for Year 3

wow dah year 3!
ok 1st semester of year 3 is all about all the stuff goin' on from the mulut to the a**hole. (GIT laaa. ish)
and the 2nd semester plak..erk..! hurm i'm not sure...... T_T

having bigger aims and higher expectations for this year is making me frustrated and many times i hesitate and wonder whether i'm capable of achieving them.. damn i have such low self-esteem!! parents should be supporting! not giving me bad headaches!!

pray for me people..please!!!
God help me T_T

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


This is how I define medicine.

Just when you thought you’ve covered everything that you need to know, and you tell yourself “ok, it’s time to take a break.. rest time! no more reading to do! i'm done!”, there’s always something that come up and you found out that there’s a whole lotta things you haven’t even read yet!! (you know.. like when you've finished reading everything that you thought you need to know, then suddenly you saw your friend reading about something else, then you freak out @_@)

Well that’s medicine.

Surprise, surprise.

Ughh. Headache. I havent even gone to class yet, and i'm having headaches already!!
I'm gonna need more than a miracle to go through this ... :-<

(side effects may include skull fracture, cerebral contussion, concussion, bruising, dementia pugilistica, coma, possibly death, and so on.)

p/s : if you happened to be 'brilliant' enough to follow this Stress Reduction Kit, please don't sue me. Sekian~

this is what i call original!

Russell Peters ~~~~!
(brothers, thanx for introducing him to me..haha!!)
A very very very farney stand-up comedian from Canada. (dia orang India tapi warganegara Canada.huhu!!)
Nominated many awards and very very well known in Canada and also has performed in many other countries too!
he's a genuine i tell ya!!
(i admit ada some jokes yang agak mereng ar, tapi mostly he's jokes are pretty darn farney!!)

if you noticed in this youtube clip, he often mentioned about his father.. and he's g0od at imitating too!! watch other clips too (well abit cencored tho..haha)


Monday, 6 October 2008

a state of sadness and hopelessness.
usually temporary but could persist.

against my will.

"the hardest thing to do is say bye.."

one more week.

gotta start packin'.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Raya's awesome : )

raya's over.. well at least most of us think it is.. i think.. T_T

raya-ing at kelantan was cool! its about cute lil baby kazens and 0h-s0-heavenly FOOD!

homemade nasik kerabu, grandma's ayam percik, auntie's mee bandung.. everything was great.

thanks to Allah who made it all happen : )

since class's gonna start soon, i'm starting to freak out (cuz i'm still stuck here in Penang!!)and feeling under pressure.. well missing 1 case is not something that i wanna do and the thought of it just gives me headache!! bak kata orang kelantan.. "rusing weeeiii looohhh" (runsing wei loh)

haih~ i'm so dead
better start studying!!! tapi tatau nak study apa @_@ God help me : (

here's some favourite raya pics of mine : )

And this is a special shout out to my dear friend Fitrah..
we are all here for you if you need someone to talk to or even a shoulder to cry~
we are all sorry to hear the news about your mother..
mari sama-sama kita sedeqahkan Al-Fatihah~