Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Mahlabbiah! you make happy!!

seriously. anybody.. anybody!!! who goes or are planning to go to cairo or somewhere near Sayidah Zainab, please tapau 10 mahlabbiah for me.. at a shop called "Al-Ban Al-Reda"
truely mouth-watering!! (literally my amylase can't stop producing).. omg. seriously there are no words to describe the heavenly feeling of every spoon of this milky, chocolaty, puddingness!!
thanks to Cakubu!! if it wasn't for her, i wouldn't find out that this God-given kinda dessert exist!!
seriously i can't stop smiling, eventhough there have been several unfortunate events that occured few minutes ago......
gimme gimme more!!

Stressful indeed

Undeniably. Tension HAS been rising. The thought of the exam which we will be happily facing this January and the thesis that’s needed to be done by the beginning of the next semester, PLUS figuring out where to go for the winter break (or not..) are pressuring this vulnerable brain of mine! Ughh..

Exam. Yes the wonderful world of a student. Something that all of us just can’t say no to. This semester is all about the Cardiovascular system (CVS),more or less. All the diseases, drugs, physiology, pathophysiology, anatomy, clinical picture of the diseases of the CVS, epidemiology, pharmacology, and all other OMG-HELP-ME things that we need to cover and moreover, to prepare for the upcoming exam. Isk. I have only one word to describe this.. “DOOMED”

Oh yes. Something new. THESIS. Kinda interesting tho. Each and everyone of us are assigned to submit a thesis by the end of the winter break. Which means, we still got 2 months or so to get it done! Nahh I won’t do it the last final minute. (maybe..lalala~) Good thing we’re allowed to do it in a group of 3! Yay! Hooray for me and Ja and Yah too! So we’ve decided, we’re going for Coronary Heart Disease. Cool! Really loving this cardio-thingy. (cardiology maybe?)

In this hectic situation, we still need to think where the heck to go for the winter break..There were suggestions like.. Dublin (erk.. I’d love to!).. and Saudi (forget it..) and also.. stay here! (crap.please no) so.. if this discussion is going nowhere, I might as well just hibernate the whole entire winter break!!! Ughh..

Ok this is the best part; my internet connection is still not ok!!!!!!! I have no idea how long I gotta be a damn parasite, going to my friends’ crib and using their internet temporarily.. is a pain in the a**!!!! (currently using Cakubu’s.. see how desperate I am!)

I am totally grateful for those people who are willingly welcoming me into their houses and feeding me at the same time too. but I can’t do this anymore!!!! Enough is enough!

So gonna get hypertension. Increase BP. Increase urination. (yes..its’ll urinate a lot when you have high blood pressure)

Calming myself down with these songs…….

  1. Death Cab For Cuties – Soul Meets Body
  2. Kris Dayanti & Anang – Makin Aku Cinta
  3. Jamie Scott & The Town – When will I See your Face Again
  4. The Last Goodnight – Pictures of You
  5. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Guardian Angel
  6. Anuar Zain – Lelaki Ini

Owh, and welcome Pak Lah! Not a clue why he wants to come here (the Mrs wants to see the pyramids and buy some asfour maybe?) and see us. US!! OMG. Kinda touched when I heard that his main purpose to Egypt was to meet the Malaysian Students. But Husni Mubarak found out he’s here, so he can’t say no to Husni. Haha! And Happy Birthday Pak Lah (^^,)

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

i want my lawyer

"you still have problems with your internet? insya Allah i will try to settle this problem with the internet company by next week" said Baba (the landlord) two days ago.

DAMMIT!!! i cant deal with this crap another week!! this is absurd!! insane!! mommy!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

awesome trip!

from 6am til 28hours later, i spent my friday out of mansoura, having an awesome vacation! thanks to the organizers! you guys really know how we malaysians have fun, eventho i ended up sleeping nearly the whole entire day on saturday.ughh. still awesome!

so we reached at 6 corners, a resort, about 3hours from mansoura. the resort was not bad. (i cant give a better impression cuz i come from Penang..ughh..obviously Penang has the best resorts ever)

so the plan was to stay there til 5pm. omg, crap. i have no idea what to do for 6 hours in that resort. and i think.. this is my chance to show off my blessed talent! so i went around and took lotsa n lotsa pictures! one of my classmate caught me taking his picture and nearly threw his slippers at me. as if i was stalking him!! ughh.. damn u!

the people who spent time with me aren't my housemates cuz they didn't come along. (merajuk mode) but cakubu, husna, aino, mizah n kak lily were the best people ever! and u guys know cakubu.. "wei lapar ar.." , "tolong ar wei, jom cari makanan.. aku dah starving gile ni!" ughh.. she tends to get darn hungry pretty fast. she eats alot but she's the skinniest one.what the.. can't blame her OMG-whataheck-laju-gile metabolic rate.

and OMG, i got to touch the Red Sea!! hahahahaha!! beat that!!! muahahhaa (excited gile)
ok enough with 6 corners. so they said "5pm, bliz be in ze bus" . i was like waiting til 7pm then only the bus arrived!! bodoh. that is so typical egyptian. ughh.
by 9pm we arrived at city stars! the largest shopping mall in egypt! yayay! shopping time! and that night was the 1st time i watched a movie in egypt! haha. and the best yet weird part about watching a movie there was, the have a 15mins break.............. THANK GOD the break was not during a climax!! if it was i would be cursing "wei bodoh! pasang balik!! tengah climax ar!!!!"
and they have salty popcorns.. ewww. haha!

ok we promised to be back at the bus by 3.30am, and OMG for the 1st time, they all managed to gather back earlier than the plan!! woo. around 3.15am we were off to ... erk.. i cant remember the place.. somewhere near Giza for horseback riding. and i didnt ride the horse cuz i was too damn tired cuz we reached there around 5am for God's sake!! ughh.. so while waiting for those people, i stayed in the bus.. nap time for me of course!

so after that, we went back to mansoura.. by 10am i reached home~ and finally, thats the end of the trip for me! yay! thanx again guys! i really need the vacation (^^,)

Thursday, 15 November 2007

finally!!! well.almost ar.

after 5 days of disconnection to the world of internet, i got to online!! but at pizza station, a fast fo0d joint in Mansoura that has WIFI. wooo. cool ha. for a place in Mansoura. erk.

ok i am totally freakin' pissed. the internet company that connects me to my world of virtue somehow failed to do so for the past 5 DAMN DAYS!!! ok i know it has been only 5 days but i'm an internet-dependent person.. so it feels like forever!!!!!!! arghhhh!!!! damn u internet company!!!!!!!!! i want my lawyer!!!!!!!!! so gonna sue you!!!!!!

while enjoying my combo roll with fries (ok i'm suppose to be on diet but whataheck..), what has happened in the past 5 days was not much.

MUIZ.. little brother of mine who took UPSR 2 months ago, got his results today.
"kklong, muiz dapat 4a"
OMG. muiz. i expected from him to get 5a's since he was tuitioning (i have no idea whether this word exists or not) like every freaking single day!! morning and night!!!
ok fine i heard that Pemahaman was tough and all.. and he did make that "don't ask" face when he got back home after taking the Pemahaman paper. kinda sad though. mom, don't cry ok. i know he did his best on that paper. Muiz, do better next time ok.

and i have no idea what went on for the last 5 days cuz usually i get updated through here! i miss chatting!! and friendster!!! and my oh-so-precious blog!! really darn sorry cuz i cant seem to be online always like i used to since the damn company is being an a**hole.

please pray that i will get my internet at home A.S.A.P

ok fine i admit. I AM AN INTERNET ADDICT. lalala~

curse you internet company!!! curse you!!!

Monday, 5 November 2007