Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Psychiatry : SCARY

i underestimated psychi.

1st when they said "oh after neurosurgery, its gonna be psychiatry" so i hieved a pretty big sigh and the only thing on my mind about psychi is "i'm gonna die of boredom and sleep during classes"

little did i know.. that there's something quite interesting about psychi. its the part where u actually meet the 'scary' patients!!!!

i believe that, to be a psychiatrist, u have to have insurance for ur face cuz i think u can get punched by your patients. SERIOUSLY.

i even asked the doctors, she said "there was one doctor who was nearly strangled by a patient"

so.. u gotta be extremely professional in handling these kinda patients. and staying calm is up-most important. You need patience too since ur patients will be creating lotta stories that you can use to create a movie with~ like schizo patients tend to have delusions like "doctor, i think my neighbour is trying to kill me using laser beams" or "the president is trying to steal my money under my pillow" that sorta stuff. But u gotta gain the patient's trust or he'll just run away and wont be able to receive the proper treatment!

Usually la kan~ u would wanna sit near the patient, in order to listen what he's saying.. getting to know the patient better.. but in psychi, i try to stay as far as i can but still at range that i can hear what he's saying.. cuz I DONT WANNA GET PUNCHED. or strangled.
seriously scary ok!! yesterday, when we were with one patient, there was another one who came barging into the room and screaming (i dont understand what he said. i heard something like "i have no money")

here's another fascinating fact, when the disturbed patient came in scolding the doctor, she (the doctor) was absolutely CALM. (sumpah aku respect Dr psychi, how could they be like that when they have to deal with psycho patients EVERYDAY!!!!)

The 1st patient that i met, i thought he was a one-of-a-kind, when he mentioned (quite a few times) that he just wants to get MARRIED. but he wasnt the only patient who wanna tie the knot. (we noticed that he kept staring at the females ) keke.
even the patient that we saw yesterday, 39 yr old male, single, was smiling so widely when responding to one of our female doctors that made is all laugh! i guess they just wanna get married! =D (i cant deny that the female doctors there are kinda good-looking~ hik2)

my advice?
stay calm. try to get to know them better. know the difference between fantasy and reality. try not to get punched.



d princess said...

made is all laugh????

aku xjumpe byk pt psych lagi. bummer :( asyik2 pegi inpatient where theres no pt :( said...

mane x gelak nya.. at 1st dia snyap je. he kept staring at Dr Marwa.. and senyum lebar giler masa Dr tu ckp dgn dia..!!
kitorang semua tergelak kot~
dia siap salam dgn all of us! aku pon dia hulur tgn @___@