Friday, 31 July 2009

Off to Surabaya

to fellow blog readers,
i will be flying to Surabaya tomorrow morning.
tapi masa aku balik nanti, i'll post about removal of eyeball surgery, CABG, makcik yang kena gigit anjing sampai kulit tercabut2, rectal cancer and other stuff =D
this week was really a cool experience for me in the OT.. awesome!!
sorry tak sempat nak tulis~ huk3

roger and out.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

breast tumor, GB stones and haemorrhoid

went to the OT again yesterday.
saw 3 cases.

1. Breast tumor, fibroadenoma.
"Dr, whats the most common benign tumor of the breast?" -- Fibroadenoma
"kalau malignant?" -- Ductal Ca
and the doctor also shared a piece of info about biopy..
"Biopsy ada 4 jenis.. 1 is incisional.. u amek sikit saja.. 2 is excisional where you u excise the whole thing.. 3rd is fine needle aspiration (FNAC) and 4th is frozen section.. you take a biopsy and send it to the patho lab immediately while the patient is still under anesthesia. if the biopsy comes out +ve, then proceed"

2. gallstone.
  • normally when you open up the abdomen, the omentum or the liver is not stuck to the gallbladder (GB) but if there's inflammation (cholecystitis), its gonna get stuck to both liver and omentum.
  • nowadays can remove GB (cholecystectomy) by laporoscopy, but when it gets complicated, open up lor. if nak buat chole, buat Kocher's Incision (subcostal) on the right side.
  • Besides Kocher's, boleh buat right upper midline/ right upper paramedian/ right transverse incision of GB.
  • pre-op, obviously kena buat liver function test.
  • so kalau direct bilirubin high, therefore its obstructive jaundice la kan~ tapi dalam patient ni tak nampak jaundice dia, cuz its visible only if the reading is >100 U/la success!
3. and the last one was haemorrhoidectomy!
  • haemorrhoid (a.k.a piles) is mainly due to constipation
  • common site? bayangkan bentuk jam tu macam anus, 3,7 and 11 o'clock -- common sites.
  • the patient will complain of painless bloody defecation
  • yes haemorrhoid is totally painless, UNLESS if its thrombosed.
  • pain during berak ada 2 je diagnosis : anal fissure (usually tear at 6 o'clock) or thrombosed haemorrhoid.
  • this is the stapler used during this procedure. yea susah sket nak imagine. but if you see the op itself, baru ble faham~
next post will Insya Allah be about ECG~ since sem 7 is about cardiothoracic~ @_@

Sunday, 19 July 2009


by Kak Fifah =p

Nama-nama timangan anda?
  • mir
  • mirry
  • mie (ms 2ry skool)
  • mirry wirry (shaman hg mmg tak betoi)
  • miro (skrg dah jadik name hamster ku)
  • mekyam
  • mekye (klate style)
  • cik yam
  • kak ayam
  • kaklong
  • bab* (applied for siblings only)
anda seorang yang?

  • suka makan
  • malas
  • minat photography
  • tak penah puas membeli handbag
  • malas

3. Insan yang teristimewa??

  • Sungmin
  • Kyuhyun
  • Kangin, Heechul, Leeteuk, Yesung, Hankyung, Eunhyuk,Donghae,Shindong, Siwon, Kibum, Ryewook
  • My parents

4. Lagu kesukaan anda?

  • lagu2 super junior
  • lagu2 leona lewis

5. Makanan kesukaan anda??

  • tandoori and roti nan (kapitan)
  • roti canai
  • sushi
  • char koay teow (chalom)
  • old town white coffee
  • manhattan fish market
  • durian + pulut
  • choc chip cookies famous amos
  • sotong goreng tepung
  • tom yam
  • rojak buah~
  • paddington pancake
  • ice cream baskin robbins
  • mom's cooking (bodek2)

6. Sikap yg membuatkan anda Stress??

  • not being punctual
  • panas baran
  • tak dengar cakap
  • orang yang kalau kita bagi kerja, tapi dia x buat or melengah2kn
  • gedik
  • suka buat lawak bodoh
  • when i'm constipated (ni ble consider as sikap ke??)
  • kebodohan
  • mintak tolong, tapi dia tak tolong, padahal dia mampu nak tolong

7. 3 benda yang mesti ade dalam Beg anda?

  • handphone
  • tissue yg lap utk oily face tu
  • beg duit
Warna kesukaan anda??
  • turquouise !
  • red
  • black
  • purple

9. Kali terakhir anda menangis dan mengapa??

  • 3 days ago, while watching "Click" - Adam Sandler (part last tu)
TAG 6 rakan anda
  • imano comelo
  • husna gila supa juniOR
  • kak pips (ngeeeee)
  • nada yg suka penyetkan hamsternye~
  • temah yg sgt sygkn hamsternye
  • azwa! =p

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


semalam join Dr. orthopedic surgeon.
ACL repair.. male patient. tore his ACL and his meniscus masa duk main some kinda sports.
stood in the OT for 2++hrs.. didnt even get to see the surgeon finish the ACL repair pun.. nurse said this surgery will finish in another 2hours. maka, aku mem-blahkan diri....

ok here are the pics. sorry kalau bloody sangat!

the orthopedic surgeon is taking out the semitendonosis punya tendon to replace the torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)

tendons from gracilis muscle, and right and left semitendonosus.

removing the muscles from the tendons.


so after that, the doc just sew on the harvested tendon at the part where the ACL is torn.
pengajaran? jangan main sports ganas sgt sebab ACL itu tak kuat mane pun.....

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

home at last !

the sight of the new cairo airport (terminal 3) is an absolute wow!
1st of all, the design literally made my jaw dropped, haha!
2nd was the amount of Malaysians crowding the airport.. i was like "am i in KLIA already??? where are the egyptians!!!" cuz i only see malays everywhere.. yang nak balik a few je, tapi yang hantaq tu punya la ramai~~~~~

after the 13hour flight~ we arrived at KLIA, and mom was there to pick me up!! heeee..
alhamdulillah~ Allah let me see the 1st person in my list =)
next morning, took a flight back to Penang.. Dad was there to pick me up!! "tak kerja ka??".. "kerja la.. nak p la sat lagi ni~" wuhu!
practically met everyone in the family..
cant wait to meet ameerah and maklong!!

so.. what to do at home?
agak bummer sebab gang2 Penang ada kat univ masing2.. ughh..
mari kawan2 revise balik cardiothoracic...

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

now it's officially summer agaza!!!

agaza tu holiday~

8 of us went to watch "The Proposal" kat CityStar Cairo right after our OSCE.
saiko!!! tapi nak wat camne.. dah habis exam, cuti!!!!!!!!

countdown to balik m'sia..
6 days to go!!!!
mama~ can i have a whole lobster for myself?
2 roti canai kosong~
tandoori and roti nan~
rojak buah RM5!
and durian!!
omigodddddddddddddd terbayang segala benda dah~
Penang truly Penang~~~~~~

oh and lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY IMAN NUR GHANI! (^^,)