Friday, 29 August 2008

Breast Cancer - something that people should be aware of.

People, some things are meant to be removed before it starts to devour our body parts..
I should share this with everyone. especially women. (men also can get breast cancer ok.. not just women tau!!)

but putting the images in my blog would be too disturbing for some viewers.
ok maybe i just put one. to give a lil bit of idea what i'm trying to tell you guys.

nahhh i wont do that. its VERY disturbing, believe me.

I've seen few mastectomies where the surgeons only removed the lumps from the breast and never have i actually seen a surgery where they have to remove the whole breast.

Anyway, while watching a hysterectomy, i was called to the induction room and I saw this patient, with a blanket covered til her neck. And I was asked.. "what's this case about?" ........ (how am i suppose to know) therefore i read her profile.. 35, female, written with a very 'doctorish' handwritting.. "Breast Lump".. and I thought its gonna be a typical mastectomy, but when her blanket was pulled.. i was SHOCKED. And my jaw dropped..! thank God the patient was already under anesthetic cuz it would be kinda rude for you to react like that infront of the patient.

The lump.. was as big as.. ok fine i'll just show one picture..

yes people, thats a breast lump, specifically, its breast cancer. (if nak tengok the bloody picture, can ask from me) There are two types of breast lump.. malignant (the cancerous, meaning spreadable, and dangerous one) and the benign (not spreadable, less dangerous)

The first question that popped in my mind was "why did she wait till now to remove the damn lump!!??" so the answer that I got from my dad was.. "bomoh kot.. and it depends on her level of education jugak" ... T_T
and another answer from the surgeon.. "its the feeling of losing ones breast" that makes her hesitate to go for surgery of course..

i say bull****!! if you see your skin is being eaten up, go straight to the hospital la!! not to some bomoh or watever!

There's no exact cause of this unfortunate disease.. except there are predisposing factors, such as not married, not breast feeding, late period, family history and so on.

what i'm trying to convey is.. don't wait til its too late.. In this case, obviously it is kinda too late. But she didnt die..yet. This is a malignant case, if its benign, tak teruk sangat, there's no spreading. But in malignant, you're whole body is at risk! including your lungs and heart.. and brain!!

So if you suspect you MIGHT have breast cancer or abnormal lump, go see the doctor A.S.A.P..!!!

what are you waiting for? you dont wanna end up like this, do you?

(result from the mastectomy)

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

current obsession : Macro!

macro ni available in some cameras~ you can find a simbol that has a magnifying glass on ur digital camera and you'll get really LOVELY LOVELY results with it. If you wanna have that DSLR effect, just zoom in~ Like these!

see. tak payah dok p beli kamera RM5000 tu.. hampeh.. baik beli kamera digital RM1k++ yg ada this feature.. jimat duit! certain sony ericsson nye fon yg ada cybershot tu pon ada macro! mula2 pegi kat setting-focus-macro. haha~ explore lah~~~ heeee.
also a current obsession.. Shayne Ward.. especially the song "Breathless".. i think he really meant it LITERALLY.. whoever listens to this song WILL be "breathless"..!!!! and he is so darn go0dlo0king! haha~ gedik~ isk.. ble tengok him singing live here

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Home Sweet Home = )

back in Penang! miss home.. South Africa sejuk..! (for everybody's information, Africa too has 4 seasons.. and yes.. during winter it IS cold.......) Here's the pix!

Table Mountain.. its even OLDER than Mount Everest

Cable Car to the top of Table Mountain

the view from the top~

at Cape Point~

on the dock waiting for a boat to seal island~

Seal Island!!

Penguins!!! soo cute!!!
Cango cave!! it was raining that day but when you're in the cave, its warm!

Spot a zirafah! at the Kwantu Private Game Reserve.. safari lah.

Lions must be in the cage, or not.. #_#

Syamil holding a lion cub! cute!!!!

Went whale-watching.. you cant find whales in the zoo : p

a closer view of the southern right whale ..

canopy walk! at tsitsikama forest! thats muiz.. haha
at Oyster farm!

time to taste the oysters! the pakcik at the oyster farm pesan.. if you wanna eat oyster, dont swallow them! chew them 1st! or not its a waste of money T_T

cheetah! fastest darn animal!!

i think one week is not enough to cover the whole thing.. but we managed to do everything thats satisfying enough for us! hehe.. South Africa doesnt even look like africa!! more like.. Europe.. BEAUTIFUL sceneries i tell ya~~~ huhu.. well next stop.. is RAMADHAN! haha~

Monday, 11 August 2008

4 days of adorableness!

So i went cuti2 malaysia again, this time to Shah Alam! my meet these cute kazens of mine!!!!

this is Ainnur Melissa~~ i did NOT teach her to do that T_T sape yg ajar pon aku tatau..
on the left is Melissa again, in my baju when i was kecik2~ hehe. cute! on the right is Atirah... kazen jugak~~

1st it was like "Malisa nak makan nasik lemak" then she saw me eating roti canai.. "Malisa nak roti canai!!!" haha~~~

haha! introducing the adik of Melissa .. Nur Fakhira Raudhah or more well known with the name "Lodah"

"baju Lodah cantik macam pincessss (princess)"

she eats everything really.. she calls me "Talom" (sepatutnya "Kaklong")
3 budak noty makan aiskrim 'ceria' (nama ini telah diberi oleh Melissa, its actually paddle pop rainbow......)
haha~ so thats my 4 days with these cute girls~~
3rd time im saying this.. i'm back in Penang again! not for long..... T_T

Monday, 4 August 2008

"tourisy" said Miss Munawir

Shaman's back in Penang (finally..!!) so Wanee and I decided to plan a Grrr-reat day for her!

haha~ its been a while since i've been to the beach. kinda got over excited when we reached there. heeee.

the waneng, the shaman and the bad~

the beach parteyyy planner. haha
Glad to have you back smiling manny~ =)