Monday, 28 July 2008

Israk Mikraj~

aritu dengar radio kat Kelantan, ustaz tu cakap kalau puasa pada 27 rejab (which is today), pahala puasa tu jadi brape banyak kali ganda tah.. betol ke?

ada banyak khilaf tentang bila kejadian Israk Mikraj ni. ada yang cakap israk mikraj didn't fall on 27th rejab. (for more info, ble rujuk di sini

So.. ape hukum kita puasa pada 27 rejab?

Quoted from Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradhawi (obviously after being translated),

"Termasuk di dalam puasa yang diharamkan, iaitu puasa yang direka-reka oleh orang ramai dengan hawa nafsu mereka, yang tidak disyaaritkan oleh Allah dan RasulNya, tidak juga diamalkan oleh para khulafa’ al-Rasyidin, tidak ada juga ulama yang menyeru melakukannya iaitulah puasa pada 27 Rejab dengan menganggap hari tersebut adalah hari berlakunya peristiwa Isra’ dan Mi’raj. "

Mama ajak puasa harini.

"Kaklong, kita niat hanya kerana Allah je.. we cannot judge.. cuz only Allah will decide whether He accepts the amalan or not. "

So, sapa yg puasa harini, niat kerana Allah. jangan pandai2 niat sebab Israk Mikraj je, amalan jadi berkali ganda pahalanye or watever.


Saturday, 26 July 2008

back in Penang..again!

back in Penang! i've said that twice this month T_T
Kelantan was awesome. i noticed that the kelantanese are getting richer !! like.. so banyak rumah batu now.. and the cars!!! i saw a fairlady parked kat depan wakaf che yeh. T_T wat the.

food? awesome! rozita a.k.a kazen taught me how to eat kacang botol with pelepung and budu! sedap!!! seriusly it is sedap, kena try 1st then u'll know. hoho

and i met kak Pipah.. haha! kat KB Mall. and shopping je la kejenye~ kelantan's shopping is so awesome..!! cuz they got really cheap tudungs!!! and baju+jubah that are so lawa!

aha. and i learnt how to say "one lime juice!" in bahasa kelantan..
"singo beng so!"
totally different from BM T_T

so balik je, arrive around 9.00am, 10.30am terus went to queensbay! hahaha~ meme tok penat! went to watch Batman with Waneng and Buslee~ Batman was awesome too!!!!!!! i'd give it a ...... 4 outta 5..! haha~ i wish batman was more kacak.. isk.. joker was totally creepy looking...... but he's awesome too!! Batman, a must-watch movie of the month!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

off to Kelantan~!

yesssss~ my kampung is in Kelantan.. and yes.. i've got Kelantanese blood in me, and YES.. i can speak 'klate' ok.. most people get shocked when i start speakin 'klate'~ T_T

i dont think at my Grandma's house ada internet.............

away til 26th July~ adios!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Uniquely Singapore..!

this is what Singapore is about.. its definitely a 'fine' city.. haha!

the world's largest observation wheel, Singapore Flyer. for now. haha! lagi 2 years Beijing will have a bigger one. this one 165m, nanti Beijing punya 218m kot.

view from the flyer.. nice eh?

view lagi..

the capsule.. cool! smart design dia..

the capsule at the top.. yes the Singapore Flyer is even bigger than the London Eye. kalau nak compare, Flyer ni lagi best.. sebab architecture dia lagi cun. London Eye tu tak ada apa sangat..

and Singapore is all about SHOPPING. muahaha

mom and dad. haha

dad and me.. !

Mom buying the MRT ticket. canggih dowh!! jakun2.

me and mom at the thai restaurant.. nak cari tempat makan kena make sure halal 1st ok!

finally.. i got the chance to eat the famous J.Co .. haha! a few said that u have to queue up panjang2 only u can buy the donuts. kat Singapore tak ramai.. so tak payah tunggu in a long queue pon.. wuhuu!!

well thats Singapore. yela only 3 days to jalan2. Dah la its the end of sale kan.. baik shopping and makan je. what i do best. haha! Penang.. i'm coming home! huhu!
Rating? urm.. 4 outta 5! heee. especially for orang yg gila brand kan.. a definite heart-pumping experience..! its so clean here!!!! i lived in Egypt for 2 years already, datang Singapore terus culture shock!! there's even a law that forbid you to eat chewing gum!!
if you break any law, kena sebat kat bontot. any law la! vandalism ke, curi ke, grab a woman's gluteus muscle ke.. u will get caned!! these people are more scared to get caned then to go to jail.........
so you come to Singapore, must not be naughty! haha..
Singapore.. best!

3rd day in Singapore....

found me self a winter coat.. and i got it half price..yes!! alhamdulillah.

and someone got a Coach for her birthday... ughh.. thank God 50% discount..

tmrow morning going back..yes! means i got time to go shopping lagi with my brothers.. haha!

in desperate need to burn fat.. tennis!

can't wait to balik.. huuuu~~~~ window shopping is torturing!!!


serius penat..isk

Friday, 18 July 2008

my 2nd day in Singapore.


i touched a Gucci.


SALE everywhere..!!! tapi sale pon cam dari $1000++. bangang ar.

nak winter coat.. why burberry saja ada yang my taste!! why!!!

today cari lagi..!!!! ughh. God help me.isk..

Saturday, 12 July 2008

2nd time in the OT~

so 1st OT i went in was Dr Osman's (he's the only malay surgeon in that hospital, selain tu ada sorang chinese muslim, Dr. Quah, O&G (nama muslim dia no one knows)). He was performing a mastectomy and i thought it was the usual mastectomy.. but when i approach him.. he said this patient has accessory breasts..!! meaning the patient has more than 2 la. adeih. she complained of pain during her period thats why she made the decision to remove the congenital anomaly.~ anomalies...... its not like a tumor or anything, the accessory breasts can actually lactate!! T_T

and also i'm gonna share with you guys this technique the anesthesiologists nowadays use to inject local anesthetic in the patient. Usually we hear the typical local anesthetic where you insert in needle between L4 and L5 into the subarachnoid space kan? tapi actually not just there, we know its also known as regional anesthetic so tak semestinya kat L4 L5 la kan. ok that day i was shown the "interscalene brachial plexus block" where local anesthetic is injected to the brachial plexus!! haha.. only a pro knows how to locate the brachial plexus by using the knowledge of surface anatomy. so this is how you do it..

this device is called a Stimuplex. What does it do? it stimulates nerves. so in this case, we're trying to locate the brachial plexus right? by using this device, we are able to locate it and stimulate the muscles that are supplied by the brachial plexus, such as the arm.

here's the guideline. see where the yellow arrow is pointing at? (ha tu my dad dah mark siap2 guna pen, so dont think that that line will be there when you're trying to find the interscalene groove) yes that is the interscalene groove, located between the scalenus anterior and scalenus medius.. so you have to know that, anatomically, phrenic nerve is very near to the brachial plexus. (medial to the brachial plexus) and if you cucuk the local anesth. on the phrenic nerve, you'll paralyze half of the diaphragm.. hoho. in order to mengelak this, use la the stimuplex! see. very berguna one~ jangan main2, that thing expensive woo. so when you use the stimuplex to locate the brachial plexus, you activate it and set it to around 0.2 V, you will see the muscle of the arm twitching. that means you're in the right place!!

so finally you are now safe to inject the local anesthetic.. therefore this will help to lessen the post-op pain. (ni case fractured radius.. accident. tu la.. x berhati-hati..) when you have about RM10,000, you can buy the stimuplex and practise on yourself..or on your siblings! muahahaha~

X-ray of fractured radius.

"drive safely..think of your own bones.."

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Harini cam telebey excited when i went into the induction room (the room where the anesthesiologist prepare the patient before entering the OT) cuz before this i went in there with no knowledge of wat so ever about anesthetic. But last sem (since we just finished our exam) we all learn about anesthesia la analgesia etc. those stuff lor.. so i went rushing towards the anesthesiologist meja thing where got all those drugs we learned last sem. so cool!!!

  1. Etomidate (IV anesthestic)
  2. Propofol (IV jugak)
  3. Parecoxib @ Dynastat (salah satu COX2 inhibitors yang given IV.satu lagi x ingat nama.. ada dua je yg Dr kasik IV. yang lain kasi orally)
  4. Metoclopramide @ Primperan (anti emetic a.k.a anti muntah)
  5. Ketamine (ni yang side effect kasik nightmare.. wuhu! and kasik effect dissociative anaesthesia, meaning cam as if the brain and the spinal cord is separated. orang tu nampak awake but the patient cant feel anything. diguna dgn banyak in countries like africa cuz of its cheapness)
  6. Suxamethonium (depolarizing muscle relaxant)
  7. Marcain @ Bupivacaine (local anesthetic)
  8. Levobupivacaine (same gak rasanye.miahaha)
  9. Lignocaine @ Lidocaine (local anesthetic jugak~)
  10. Desflurane (inhalational anesthetic. this one expensive worr)

see. menarik siot!! ughh obviously i didnt spend 5 hours just exploring the drugs.. after that, me and Hui Ting watched 5 surgeries. yes tiring but ok la once you get used to it~ (kepada yang pernah mengalami je akan memahami..adeih)

1st and 5th --> Caesarian section. for the 1st time i watched a TRANSVERSE one. before this was breech presentation. so Dr. Lau (o&g surgeon) just terbalikkan the baby before taking her out~

2nd --> Inguinal Hernia by Dr. Ng. 1st impression, i thought it would be boring, but after observing, susah jugak nak buat. u gotta make sure u dont accidentally cut the kid's vas deferens la bla3. huhu~ 45mins spent on a 4 year-old's hernia T_T

3rd --> TURP (trans urethric resection of prostate) done by Dr.Liong (sape kenal dia tau ar how go0d he is.. i mean how 'go0d' the hospital pay him..haha!!) this one was a bit urm.. disturbing... (sila search sendiri and read on how TURP is done.. horror......)

then we went for lunch! ok today was a bit shocking cuz usually the hospital fo0d kinda sux. but today sum how ada nasi kandar T_T sedap gile!

4th --> join Dr.Deong for otitis media~ haha! i actually saw the ear drum bulging out and not translucent!!! isk..

a. Caesarian section

b. Otitis media

c. Local anesthesia

darn. owez lupa to ask bout how to do attachment. insya Allah i'll try to remember next time~

Monday, 7 July 2008

Radiology Dept.

haha~ today with the company of Hui Ting (member masa kat INTI dulu, now she's a 2nd year medical student studying in Monash Sunway), i went to the radiology department in Lam Wah Ee. (thanx dad)

So, when i entered in there, it was quite hectic with all the crowded (not that crowded la) patients everywhere (well not really..haha).

We went straight to the MRI room. so there i met Kak Fizah who has been working there for 4 years and she taught me and Ting about MRI. and so when she brought us inside the MRI room where they have this big circley magnet thingy (thats why they call it MRI, it stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging) so when i got close to it, i noticed that (eventho tengah pakai tudung) my hair pin was pulled.. haha! so thats why you are not allowed to wear any metal things like earrings, necklace, handphone and watch also not allowed.
The MRI scanner

the computer that processes the images

And so she showed us the MRI of the Circle of Willis, a CDP (cervical disc prolapse), LDP (i think you can guess what this stands for).

sila diagnose sendiri . haha!

In the next room, they have the CT scan room. So we asked them, how do you determine whether you want a CT or an MRI? they said 1st CT scan cepat sikit (in case of emergency like stroke la) then 2nd MRI is usually used to scan the brain, and then MRI safer cuz CT use radiation one.. like that lor..

CT scan

aha after that, me and Ting went to the mammo room where this kakak showed us how the mammogram works. Ok compared to CT and MRI, mammo is the one which is painful. cuz the machine kinda compresses the breast but the procedure is like sekejap only. And after the mammo, the kakak brought us into the ultrasound room where one of the doctors showed us the breast lump from the lady who had the mammo before.. cool!

this is where the breasts are pressed. ouch.

and Ting taught me how to say "you have a tumor" in chinese!!

"lu uu liu.." haha!
something like that la. haha

So tomorrow we're off to my oh-so-cool-i-rindu-so-much 'playground'.. the OT~~~~ yay!!!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

sape datang penang, akan gerenti dibelanja ni ..

roti nan cheese with ayam tandoori


Tuesday, 1 July 2008

plans for the summer holiday?

so today would be my 4th day in Penang i guess. what have i been up to?
setakat ni makan makan jalan jalan makan je la. haha~

next week i'm planning to join my mother's microbiology class in USM, so whoever is interested can come join with me. haha!

and also i'll be joining my dad in the hospital to learn some basic stuff like u know.. cucuk people in the right vein.. or learn how to read the X-ray .. u know the basics la, cuz u have to be able to do this so called simple stuff before you even graduate. or not.. like i have mentioned in my previous previous post, "its not about being a good student, its about becoming a great doctor", especially the ones that will be graduating from medical school that doesnt provide enough facilities or training.

you gotta make your own effort!! So the best time is.. now la!!! bila lagi..!! you have 3 months for God's sake..!! don't just nganga at home and watch tv! get ur butt to any hospital and apply for an attachment..!!

i will try to ask the hospital how to apply so that i can let you people know how to do it insya Allah.

And some of my friends prefer to get a temporary job to kill their holiday but i don't think i'm gonna do so this year. haha! malas laa. Kerja pon ok what, you get money rather than you waste time staying at home, right? then boleh la kasi some of the money to your parents (sejuk hati makpak) and the rest shopping ar. oh yea. dont forget the 80% principle.. 20% you save it for your future..heeee.

Aha.. something to avoid during the break..
Gaining weight...
hoho.. exercise la.. just walk around the neighbourhood daily for an hour dah ok~ Like Dr Atef said, (ni tips dia la) .. he said that "walk for an hour daily, and you'll lose 1kg in one week"
hoho. ni tips from a Physiology doctor.
ESPECIALLY the ones that live on an island, scattered with oh-so-banyak-sedap-gila-babeng fo0d.. (yes..i'm talking about penang.. i'm getting worried myself too..) so be careful ok~ (oh God)

ada banyak lagi things you can do.. ha! you can even join the class mengaji what. you don't have to be malu2 to join. cuz you yourself know how much knowledge you have about tajwid and other stuff, so why not? Bak kata Hilary Duff.. "why not! take a crazy chance! why not.. do a crazy dance.. why not! join kelas mengaji..!" ok yang last tu tipu je..she didn't say the 'mengaji' part.. heeee.

nak add apa-apa lagi? sila la (^^,)