Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Gonna miss CVS..

Today is officially the beginning of 2 weeks of HIBERNATION!
seriously if i'm bored with the winter break, i WILL start studying for the next semester. which will be Neuro i guess. thats interesting. NEUROLOGY. hurm. i guess i should be expecting more headaches next semester. yay!
i wonder how would my result turn out *?* just hoping for a "Pass"
definitely will be missing cardio. isk~

bye bye cardio. hello neuro ~ T_T

Sunday, 20 January 2008

erk.cikgu x penah mention pon dlm lecture

eh ni ada ni. Aku dgr time group discussion. Masuk kot dlm exam. Ada dlm objective

yg ni tak penting kot. Kita abaikan la! Haha

This is when you’re facing your exam in a few days. Or the nerds will start worrying about this weeks before the exam.

But is it all about what’s going to be in the exam? What kinda questions that might be asked in the exam? Which organs or drugs or chemicals?

Put in mind. Someday. You’re gonna be a doctor. Or whatever! Anything! A teacher, an engineer, an accountant. You want to be the best right?

Think like the best.

Don’t take all of this for the sake of exams or quizzes. One day you’ll be dealing with actual life-threatening problems. REAL life. Don’t you think you need to know more?

If not now, then when?

This is the time to explore and devour as much knowledge that you need to be the best. To beat every single person in the same profession.

The exam is just a phase to challenge and test your knowledge so that you can move on to the next level. Even if you scored, it doesn't mean you're gonna be the best at what you'll be doing someday.

Its never about being a good student. Its about becoming a great doctor.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Plans for the winter break?

Time2 exam ni jugak.

I think of.

What to do. Where to go. For this winter break, IF Plan A fails.

I would kill for Plan A. [well not literally. Ughh]

Plan A is. Umrah.

Plan B? Spend the whole 2 weeks of winter break consuming money in Cairo and Alexandria I guess. Sorry Mom and Dad. I just HAVE to maintain the balance of the universe in order to compensate the little amount of money I’m burning compared to others who are studying in UK, US, Aussie or wherever that is expensive. See, i'm such a good daughter. I choose (more like.. "was chosen") to study somewhere cheaper. A LOT cheaper.


At least I have something to look forward to after this ya-Allah-tension-nye-aku exam~

One more paper. And I’m free! Well, sorta..for now.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

There’s always a day before the exam..

when you freak out. Its obvious that you’re freaking out cuz you’re not acting like yourself. [yah ckp she hates it when I freak out. I don’t act like myself..the house is too sunyi rite?hee.]

And there’s always a day before the exam..

when you don’t do anything.
I mean. You don’t open your books to study the subjects you should be covering for your exam. And that day is today!

The whole entire day, I did nothing. COOL. Well, except I went out and bought some food and preparations for Mission Kasih Sayang (dear Yah’s birthday surprise). Haha. Yeah it was Baji's idea. owh..! Not forgetting,

[OMG.20.tua kot]

"Chocolate coated strawberry Swiss Roll, sprinkled with M&M's and jellybeans~" - Baji named it. haha. haih la ade pape ke Baji and Yah ni : p

Hasil karya Baji, Ja & Wadat~ i was busy distracting her in the kitchen. the chocs are actually one whole kotak of Chixo (mcm choki2 ar)! hahaha. ganas gile. abis satu kotak! and underneath those banyak-gile-chixo-diorang-abiskan choc, is a strawberry swiss roll~ try it! haha. takle2. this is a one in a million b'day cake~ heee. yah! tgk, untung ko. time exam kitorang celebrate gak.heee. (present nanti after exam eh?haha)

Saturday, 5 January 2008

as exam approaches..

we tend to do things we don't even realize doing it.

for example.
the sponge (span basuh pinggan) should be placed in here.

..but instead, it ended up in there.

(accidentally ok.not on purpose! ughh..i was confused)

HURM. [stress maybe?]

who knows what other crazy,weird things you might do.

Goodluck to all who are sitting for their upcoming exams.

Perlu kah?

Why do we need to have crushes?

I think it’s stupid.

In the end you’re just gonna end up feeling depressed, or heart-broken, miserable, gloomy, emo [ni wajib ar], then all of a sudden you found out that you’re having diseases that you're too young to have. (for instance, hypertension)

From the definition of 'crush' itself,
"..causing injury, damage, or distortion, .."
So what’s the point? Is it just for fun? Maybe.
Or is it something that naturally occurs in your daily life that you can never avoid? Definitely.

Well, that’s life.

So what’s the solution for this?
Isi la borang.. lalala~

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

This might interest most of you guys that are currently dominating the land of Egypt.


Haha.see. told ya.

So where do I begin.. ahaa…the categories of cab drivers.

1. The ones that ask tones of questions! (of course in Arabic la!rarely in English) “where are you from?”, “studying here? What course? How long?” , “Do you like it here?” , “are u a muslim?” And sometimes, “Apa khabar!” (sape yg pandai2 gi ajar pacik arab ni ar) And eventhough you don’t understand what he said, you just respond by nodding and saying “yes” to every question or just do what I do! “urm mush fahmah ya ‘am” meaning “I don’t understand la uncle” and just ignore him. Simple!

2. The ones that just shut up. These people I totally adore! Cuz they ignore you & they don’t irritate you like the ones that ask alotta questions.

3. Then we have the blood suckers. Usually it costs only LE 1.50 from my place to the faculty, but in some cases, they charge you LE 2.00!! Ok I might sound weird but that is considered as absurd here!! Thank God I live in Mansoura where it is cheaper than Cairo. Where in Cairo, they assume that you’re stupid and you don’t know how much usually it costs to take a cab, so they charge you insanely high! So, the technique is….. for instance, the ride usually cost LE 5, but instead of saying LE 5, you ask for LE 3! So that way, the cab driver will raise til LE 5! Or if he’s nice (I doubt that), he’ll just take the LE 3! Lalala~ (boleh pakai ok. Dah try banyak kali)

4. Ok next is the… patience-less ones! They honk non-stop and if anybody is still in their way, they just hit ‘em . . . yes . . I ain’t kidding ok! These people do exist here.. and they don’t have what my dad used to say.. SYSTEM. Here in Egypt, if you’re crossing a 2 way road, you should watch at least a 10000x before you cross the 1st road! Cuz there might be an idiot driving the other way around, eventho it’s a one way street!

5. Alright, next! We have the ones that have abnormal & totally unacceptable car accessories. Which includes that hanging thingy in your car, where it says “I LOVE YOU”.. ewww! Why do you wanna hang “I LOVE YOU” in your cab!! Gross. Ughh. Then sometimes you can see nets hanging and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a weird-looking God-knows-what creature-like-hanging thingy. I seriously can’t find the cuteness in that damn thing. Entertainment. I don’t mind them turning on the music but please!! Keep it low!! You don’t have to blast the damn speakers!! I can barely hear myself thinking!! Nearly got deaf ok.isk.

6. There are also the ones that you need to be careful with. If you’re riding alone (this is for the gals. I don’t think the boys have to worry about this one.maybe.), try to sit behind. Cuz some of the cab drivers, they seem to have problems keeping their hands to themselves, if you know what I mean. BE CAREFUL.

Well, that’s about it. so.. observe, take note and study your way of life and try to find ways to survive where ever you are, aight people~and mostly, be thankful that you survived the madness around you. Lalala~
i finally got fedup with it.
from now on, i will not give a damn anymore.
thanx to you "limited or no connectivity", i will not even care anymore.

"Happy New Year"
[welcome 2008]

resolutions :
1. get a DSLR [been dreamin bout it alot]
2. get a PDA [proven to be very useful for medical students]
3. change [basically somethin' you have to do every year, since you're no longer 19]