Sunday, 28 October 2007


heard that one of my friends Mazzy Le Piu a.k.a Mazliana lost her handphone! really sorry for her. but you know its the same old story all over again.
HERE in egypt, its common if you hear someone's whatever got stolen. when they see anything they eye on, thats it. say bye bye! unless, you really really take extra care of your properties!
and they're go0d at ripping off the foreigners to0. for instance. you came across a shop. and you see something that interests you, like..a fake chanel shirt (omg you have no idea how many fakes they have here.. even GEUSE.. yup. thats how they spell it.) so ok they said its 100genih. you bargain til it reaches 80. the next day, you saw your egyptian friend wearing the same shirt and you asked "how much did you buy that shirt? i have the same one too!" .. "i bought it for 40genih." great.
the citizens here just couldnt get their hands off of us! literally! MERABA. omg. another thing that you always hear from the ladies. "aku kena raba kat siqqah!" .. "ada ustazah tu kena raba kat hussain! saiko ah" .. and it goes on and on.
yes. meraba and stealing. til now THANK GOD nothing has been stolen from me but the meraba part........... thats in the record. lalala~
BE CAREFUL .......
haih~ so you'll know what to expect when you come to egypt! lalala~


owh don't worry. i still have plenty to talk about Egypt~

MERABA : sexually harrassing a living creature by putting your hands against a body part and pissing that innocent being off. (in case any of my non-malay friends dont understand what it means. hentam je)

Friday, 26 October 2007

welcome back (^^,)

SHE'S BACK! haha. really missed my big sis.. REALLY! .. and dearest Kak Wadat, her bestest buddy gave her the most touching and unforgetable surprise i've ever witness. truly~

Happy Belated Birthday Ja : )

NEARLY burnt the carpet.haha

Monday, 22 October 2007


let it be true. omg please let it be mine~ *praying*

Sunday, 21 October 2007

so it begins.

Class has started. well actually it started last week. anyways, we have something new this year that made the seniors in the other programme quite jealous. miahaha. we're starting our pre-clinical already! 2 years early! huhu! yay! we'll be meeting patients and going to the specialized hospital (mustashfa batinah al-takhususi) every week! lalala~
OMG this university has its own specialized hospital, opthamology center, paediatric hospital, urology and nephrology center etc. awesome eyh? seriously you don't get that in every university. haha!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

the day before i left

A LOT happened. not that much. but memorable.
practically went out for 12 tiring hours. but all those were worth it!!
yea i got back at 8.30pm and yea i am so not getting a car "kaklong jangan harap mama nak bagi daddy beli kereta untuk kaklong! who ask you to come back home at night!" (of course that didn't just end there..) but HELL YEAH! incredible that day was.
ok so the plan was. pick up nad, shaman and azim then go to wani's place then raya at her house first then bring her along to ayien's. ayien, OMG. her laksa was so ..i don't know how to put it but.. she totally can beat any makcik laksa at any laksa joint in penang! haha. then zaki, the annoying photographer came. haha. thanks to him, he took alotta cool pictures of us.and alotta inapproriate ones that were totally not worth of keeping it in my tolong-lah-kenapa-sikit-sangat-memori laptop.

so next! queensbay! wani? OMG. the best shoe consultant ever! thanks to her i found the one shoe i really really needed. thanks wani! its been a long time since i talked or chat with wani, so the whole entire jalan-jalan was just updating ourselves with the things that's goin' on with each other's lives. haha.

ok what's next? consume everything that i will not be able to eat in Egypt! so.. Dome!! Check. Paddington! aha. because i'm such a nice and good friend, i made everyone wait for fikri! thank God he showed up before 6. or i cant imagine what time i might reach home. so.. "810 dua ye!.. owh.. and 6 warm water and one mineral water please" coz the warm water only costs 50cent. damn i'm cheap.

then it was go0dbye queensbay! isk. it seemed hard for me to say go0dbye to the one and only mall i go to the most when i was spending my summer break in penang. tata queensbay! ~ isk.

and my best buddies to0! huuuu~nad! shaman! n my lil sis that i didnt get to see before i return to the land of the uncivilisedness and gile-busuk donkeys and camels .. (dugaan..accepting it with a heavy heart..God help me!)

really gonna miss (i hate this sentence.really) everything that i adore in penang.
including the char koay teow in Calom, the rojak in Gurney Drive, Paddington's 810, Dome's espreski honeycomb.
owh..and not forgetting my ya-Allah-tolong-la-jangan-kacau-aku-and-get-the-*f*-away-from-me brothers. my oh-so-adorable and loving parents. my omg-she's-gonna-have-a-baby maklong too! huuu~

i bid farewell to Penang.

raya? hoho. awesome!

this year's raya is OMG the best one ever! (i think..couldn't remember much about those raya i had when i was young..) anyways. perlis, my kampung. the typical kampung. middle of the sawah padi. infront there's a small sungai. fresh breeze that u can never get in Egypt (ughh..)
1st day was when we all visited our i-forgot-their-names-but-remember-what-they-served-us-and-where-they-live relatives.duit raya this year..pretty much increase due to the fact that i'm leaving to egypt on the 5th day of raya. (yay..ughh)
cousins? they are the ones that made me say "raya?hoho.awesome!"
and also the omg-my-ears-are-bleeding mercuns and get-that-away-from-me bunga apis.

yea the go0dbye is just the worst part of raya.
"jaga diri baik-baik" . . "study leklok" . . same ol' advices all over again.
a promise is a promise.and i will keep my word, Tok.really gonna miss her the most.

well well well..

you might ask why i'm starting a blog? entah. sebab tengok gang2 lain buat blog and then all of a sudden i have the urge of having one of my own. haha. welcome!

hope that this blog of mine don't bore you. or waste your precious time reading it. lalala~