Sunday, 27 December 2009

a week without internet

finally i'm connected back to the cyberworld!
internet itu a must.
1. korea
2. korea
3. nak upload lectures
4. nak cari journals on my ssc a.k.a thesis
5. facebook

haha~ yer majority itu lalai belaka. sila jauhkan diri anda daripada perkara yang melalaikan.
exam 23rd, 25th and 27th Jan. 30th? fly to TURKEY AND JUMPA MY FAMILY =D=D=D=D=D=D

wish us all the best.

Monday, 7 December 2009

25 things on my to-do-list

note : this is a random post.

the most common word used in the list is "hutang"and 80% of them involves money.
haih~ this shows that the world revolves around $$$$$.
where should i start?
i would really love to start with "bake chocolate chip cookies" and teringin nak try buat cupcakes yang cute cute.

or should i start with the "kutip hutang voip"? +_+
yea i know i know~ prioritize...ughh

with the responsibility taken of my shoulder, this year, i'm planning to do lotsa stuff that i couldn't do last year~ i would like to save up some money but it seems that everytime i try do so, emergency situations come up which requires me to spend the money that i saved up *sigh*
i did think of starting the cheesecake business back, but Ja said "ko nak jual cheesecake lagi watpe? dah dpt DSLR~" haha~ it doesnt mean i have no reason to simpan duit..

owh i'm having my mid semester exam today. i can't sleep. so i'm blogging.
MCQ. Cardio and lung. pretty awesome! *sarcastic tone*
tolong doakan kami yer!
after the exam, i wanna go to cairo and watch new moon so badly! but looking at the 25 to-dos.. they're holding me back.


p/s: it's December! heee. *wink*

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Goodbye Unit Ekonomi = )

MTC is over! and i only have one thing to say..

"its been an HONOR to have worked for Unit Ekonomi"

eventho our target for untung bersih was 12,000 LE. but we only managed to get half of it. eh bukannya tak bersyukur. alhamdulillah~
like my mom said, "better than -ve"

i kinda feel half empty tho..
tadi ingat lagi pengerusi majlis cakap "ok para AJKT sesi 08/09 boleh duduk bersama para perwakilan" .. cam wow i cant believe dah letak jawatan.
rasa cam baru je haritu tengah cari2 AJK~ begging one by one. cari je anybody yang tak diambil oleh unit lain.
i'm gonna miss w0rking with my AJKs!
they're too awesome, nice, hardworking, extremely helpful, and i anggap them as my own sisters and brothers!

1st and foremost, thanks to Ubai of course~ name panjang memang panjang. Muhammad Abu Ubaidah Mustafa Kamal (kan?) the great leader of Unit Ekonomi. tahniah anda naik lagi sekali tahun ni! akak doakan Ubai jadi a better AJKT this year~ i seriously respect him because, he managed his time well. statistic shows that half of his batch failed to naik tahun. Despite of being EXTREMELY busy with Unit Ekonomi, he managed to pass his exam (semua subject ok~) thats why la hang naik lagi sekali tahun ni =D owh and i apologize for not being a better timbalan and not treating u nicely~ (sebab ubai dongseng~)

AJK-AJK ku yang lain~
Meen, Temah, Kak Nahdia, Kakcik, Muna, Sakinah, Wahidah, Adiba, Ain Nasir, Teemah hencem, Aiman, Fatimah.. i dont know how to thank u guys. the effort, the energy and time u put for this Unit.. hanya Allah yang tahu and hanya Dia yang dapat membalas jasa baik korang semua. owh and tahniah Kakcik kita jadi AJKT tahun ni yea! wohoo!
i still remember those moments when they all slept late at nite just to cook and prepare for the jualan gerai~ the commitment is just W0W~ I am so thankful that Allah chose you guys to work along side with me.

AJK-AJK ikhwah pun tak lupa juga =) thanx guys~ couldn't have achieved all of these without u guys ~

Well, thats the end of it.. and i wish all the best to the new AJKTs and hope that you guys will do much much better than we did. chulka eh!

Rabbana Ma3ana~