Saturday, 26 September 2009

the day I brought Ja & Wadat to the OT : D


they came to Penang last july, with expectations of watching and experiencing cool stuff kat OT.
and darn they were very lucky !!!
kira aku dapat luck diorang skali ar cuz the 3 of us dapat tengok surgeries like removing eyeballs, a case of a grandma kena gigit dengan her dog till can see her muscles and her skin is totally gone!!! and a surgery that i havent seen since 2007, CABG! wuhuu!!!

1) removal of the eyeball - sebab pakcik tu kena fungal infection kat mata dia, so he's blind so the doc needs to take out the affected eyeball.
aku tunjuk gambar setakat dia letak pisau sebelah mata and pegang mata tu je. After this pic is too much kot. nanti ada orang yang termuntah pulak. kalau nak tengok, boleh mintak.

2) makcik kena gigit anjing - erk.. i'll just let you guys see the pic and embrace it. Nurses told us that its not the makcik's 1st time to get bitten by the same dog. why didn't she kill the dog the 1st time it bit her!!!!thats the part where the dog bit. or ate. i guess the dog was hungy.
tu ada lagi kat bawah tu.. dah la makcik tu macam umur 80 kot!!! she's so lucky she's still alive!
i wonder how big is the dog. well i guess after this incident, she wont be seeing that dog anymore! !

3) CABG - coronary artery bypass grafting. the main concept is, the artery that supplies the heart is obstructed by a thrombus, therefore the surgeon has to make a new path for the artery to make sure it supplies blood to the heart. hurm its really weird, i remember taking pictures during the surgery but there's non in my pc T_T its ok! u can see the pic in the slideshow bawahhhh sekali.

ada la surgery2 lain, macam cholecystectomy, ACL surgery, operate hidung, hernia, cataract, tapi not as cool as these!! enjoy! click to enlarge the pic :D

Thursday, 24 September 2009


tingat balik the last day when i was in Penang International Airport 2 weeks ago.
mom, abang, muiz, maklong, ameerah and even paklong was there to send me off.
there was one person missing in this picture.

my Dad.

a bit upset about that..
its too bad that he cant make it cuz he was too busy with his work. well at least i get to salam him before i flew.

Dad, hopefully your hardwork will pay off.
don't work too hard.
cuz its not money that brings happiness in life.
(i'm not saying i'm not thankful laaaa)

always put family first.
unless your patient (or whoever you're dealing with) is in a code blue.
tu takleh nak wat pape la kan.

but for this raya, i can't put my family first.
i've balik kampung so many times in my life already.. about 20 times la kan for my age.
and of course its kinda hard to not raya with them.
but try la tak raya kat kampung sekali~ boleh dapat feel camne orang yang raya without family and its an opportunity for you to bond with those people who didnt go back for summer holiday~
not just that, kan tak ramai yang stayback, which means less people to handle the new juniors coming (cam ~400 orang kot coming, we're dooooomed)
boleh la tolong kan?

to my family, especially mom and dad~

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Salam Perantauan

Maaf Zahir & Batin
daripada akhawat medic+dentistry Mansoura University

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

back in Mansoura

yes aku tak raya kat Malaysia tahun ni. not my 1st time.. masa 1st year pun raya kat sini..
but this year raya in Mansoura la.. not many of us pun yang stay here.. some of them choose not to balik for raya cuz nak sambut the new students.. fresh meat.. lalala~ time to corrupt them!

i heard there are about 500 students coming? itu baru through agent.. yang JPA MARA?

so its been more than a week already since the class started. cardiothoracic+haematology (HLB -heart+lung+blood)
tiring i tell ya!! cuz ur fasting.. but not to worry! the taxi is always available to save ur energy!
and for the first time in my life, i will be attending 6 days of classes in a week!!! hooray!!!!
so lets calculate.. in a week you have 7 days right? 7 minus 6.. oooooo so i have one day only la to relax? relax hapenye!!!! HEART LUNG BLOOD!!!! nak mati ke!!! hari hari mau study~

apesal diorang tak buat kelas 7 days a week je ar? tak yah kasi cuti langsung laaaaa~


ok kawan2 semester 7, lets together-gether work hard so that we can pass the exam with flying colours!!

to Super Junior fans! super junior M dah kuarkan MV baruuuuuuuuu!! kyuhyun looks sooooo much better with his new hairdo and hankyung will forever look younger than his age B-)