Sunday, 23 November 2008


muka bahagia siot T_T

totally speechless!! even in the hecticness of Mansoura, i thank Allah, i thank Yah (cewah macam dapat grammy la pulak) for this opportunity to go to Cairo and Cinnabon of course!!

ni la benefit duk jauh2. dapat rasa nikmat yg sekali sekala je. xde la hari2 rasa cinnabon. bosan ar jugak. plus pokai ar kalu makan cinnabon ari2.. huhu!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Menerima ujian ALLAH dengan hati yang tabah.

I've had my eyes on "mumtaz" since the summer holidays.
Preparing myself.. and planning every single thing in order to achieve it.

you plan.. but He decides.

"mumtaz" is fading away from me.

Apart of me is saying "aaaarrrggghhh!!!!"

but the other half is saying "hold on.."

So i'm holding on.

Cuz i want it so bad.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

it was so close

Mansoura's Railway Station

we could already smell it..
we could already see it!
but unfortunately........we didnt get to eat it..

the 3.5-hour train ride from mansoura to alexandria was mainly driven by craving for Cinnabon.
Cinnabon is 300km away from us.
either you take a bus to cairo..
or take a train to alexandria..

From San Stefano Mall (in alex), we took a cab to Green Mall.. where the Cinnabon is.
Yah and I immediately went to the Cinnabon stall straight away!
The satisfaction of seeing the kedai itself has already drove us mad.
But somehow we decided not to buy the Cinnabons yet cuz Yah's friend said that Carrefour also has Cinnabon..!
So we postponed our purchase.

After shopping in Carrefour (woi carrefour lagi murah kot dari mansoura!!!), without delay, we went hunting for the Cinnabons.

"Hena fii Cinnabon?"(ni broken arabic, meaning "sini ada cinnabon?") i asked one of the local people.

"Lak ah.. hena mafish (nope.. sini xde)" he answered.

ohh sh*t. (ni monologue ar..takkan nak cakap kuat2)

there's no Cinnabon in Carrefour
. and the train is about to leave in an hour.

so i said to myself, (again monologue-ing)
we're Muslims. we should accept whatever God's decision is.. He knows best. kan?

ada laa hikmahnye tuu..


p/s: yah dont worry, i'm not blaming you or the kakak. heee.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

mid sem exam's over!

mid sem exam sudah kholas!
tapi dah start hibernating as if we've gone thru the finals. haha! cuti satu hari.. wuhu!!
where ma partey people at!!

selain itu~
after the election..maka bermulalah sesi pemerintahan mansurah yang baru..sesi 08/09..
gambar exco PCM terbaru sesi 08/09 available di blog pcm~
go0dluck kepada exco baruuu. wishing you all the best!

dengan ketua yang sama... back by popular demand..haha.
visi dan misi ketua kita? "semoga dapat jadi pengerusi tahun depan jugak" haha!!

and our nadaaaaa!! waaaaaa im so proud of youuuuuu!!
introducing nada, our new timbalan bendahari agung kot!!! haha!
nanti boleh belanja kami yeaaaa..

after long considerations, i might be continuing my cheesecake business. haha!
even with new responsibilities, i will try my best to sell 'em! wuhu!

Friday, 7 November 2008

friends sending messages "tahniah and takziah, mir!!"

cane aku nak jual cheesecake camni.


doakan aku..blizzzzzz.......

"la yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'aha.." (2:286)

*mid sem exam mode*

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Laptop bermasalah.
ada hikmah nye tu. ALLAH wants me to concentrate on next monday's exam.

Esok ada Perubatan Cawangan Mansurah's election day.

Mari Mengundi!

but dont vote for me~ cuz i wanna sell cheesecakes..lalala~ (x de time nanti..huhu)

doakan kami untuk exam monday ni!

Saturday, 1 November 2008


i've started my choc cheese cake bisnez~ yay! and i got my 1st customer already! thanx ahli beit 3R!

my laptop is still under attack by sum kinda virus from China.. @_@

my mid semester exam is coming so0n but we have no idea when.cuz the lecturer wont tell us. @_@

Still dont have the suitable time for tennis @_@

did i mention that my laptop is still being attacked by a virus?

owh.. not just my laptop.. i myself caught a virus to0.. a Rhinovirus.. [its an annual thingy where us Malaysians get either a flu..or a fever or even both during early winter]

this is all just a test..

"La yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'aha" - 2:286 (Al-Quran)
translation : He will not burden a person beyond his/her scope

Allah picked you to do certain tasks cuz He know that you can do it..

"Laha maa kasabat..wa'alaiha maktasabat" - 2:286 (Al-Quran)
translation : He gets reward for that (good) which he has earned, and he is punished for that (evil) which he has earned.

and with the right niat.. You will be rewarded : ) insya Allah ~